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Thai poultry firm threatens to sue NGO

A chicken supplier in Thailand may open a lawsuit against a non-governmental organisation (NGO) over alleged claims of human trafficking. 

Thailand's poultry industry has been plagued by abuse allegations

Adams Farm Slaughterhouse recalls meat products after E.coli scare

Adams Farm Slaughterhouse, a Massachusetts-based company, has been forced to recall beef, veal and bison products by US health officials, due to a possible E.coli contamination.

Food trends: Why beef and pork is about to get cheaper

Beef and pork prices in the US are expected to drop by more than 10% in the next nine years, according to US government meat projections.

Czech beef and poultry production growing despite rising imports

The Czech Republic’s beef and poultry meat production is on the rise, but its meat market remains dominated by imports from EU member states, according to the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO).

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