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Russia’s economic crisis hurts meat sales

Meat producers are struggling in the midst of Russia’s economic crisis as hard-pressed consumers cut back on luxury beef and pork in favour of cheaper alternatives, like turkey. 

Despite the turmoil, turkey producers have benefited from Russia's economic crisis

Weak export market dents Pilgrim’s profits

Strong headwinds in the poultry export market hit Pilgrim’s Pride’s annual profits, but a strategy to expand in the booming Mexican market validates its growth strategy, the company claims.  

US awards $30m to improve food production

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) will award grants of more than $30m to improve food safety, reduce antibiotic resistance and bolster plant resilience in the wake of climate change.

Denmark exports tongue to Japan

The Danish government has confirmed it will export diaphragm muscle, cattle tongue and other bi-products to Japan, after a 15-year trade embargo was lifted.