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China softens drop in Canadian pork exports

China’s ever-growing appetite for international pork helped prevent a greater drop in Canada’s exports of fresh and frozen pig meat in the first six months of the year. 

The price of Canadian pork exports increased, despite a decline in overall exports

China probes Jiangxi-reared pigs after Hong Kong steroid detection

Investigations into the health of pigs exported from Jiangxi are underway after Chinese authorities blocked trade following a warning from Hong Kong’s Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD). 

Bangladesh to tighten regulation on foreign poultry giants

Bangladesh is mulling controls over foreign investors in the country’s growing poultry industry after local rivals said they fear being swallowed by overseas companies.

News in brief

Over 3.5 tonnes of beef brains recalled in US

Meat processor Green Bay Dressed Beef, operating as American Foods Group, has issued a recall on 7,420 pounds (3.7 tonnes) of beef brains. 

China re-imposes anti-dumping duties on US chicken

US white-feather chicken meat imported into China will face “anti-subsidy duties” for five more years, China’s ministry of commerce has announced. 

Q fever outbreak puts Australia on alert

An outbreak of Q fever at a meat-processing plant in Melbourne, Australia has put regional health officials on high alert.

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