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Meat tax favoured by public, report finds

Global appetite for meat could be in danger as many consumers believe a tax on beef, chicken and poultry is a sure-fire way to reduce climate change.

CO2 emissions from agriculture have fallen by 20% since 1990

China's cloning factory

China is set to produce an extra one million cows a year… and they will all be clones.

US poultry will handle new virus ‘better’

American poultry firms are now better equipped to deal with an outbreak of avian influenza (AI), thanks to improved biosecurity measures, risk management firm Moody says.

Syria civil war hits livestock hard

As Syria’s conflict continues, its livestock sector weakens. Now facing a fifth year of civil war, livestock levels are down on even on 2014’s paltry levels, with the sector facing a shortage of fodder, veterinary vaccines and available pastureland.

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