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European pig sector to share intel on gas stunning

Trade bodies backing the EU pig sector will start sharing information on gas stunning amid pressure from welfare activists who have long campaigned against the practice.

The pig sector wants to assess how welfare can be improved at the point of slaughter

Cherkizovo Group’s controlling family to buy more shares, potentially for resale

The chairman of the Cherkizovo Group, one of Russia’s largest meat producers and processors, is to consolidate his stake in the company through the acquisition of 21.3% of its shares, currently owned by Prosperity Capital Management, one of Russia’s largest investment funds. 

Social media war erupts over Chinese halal delivery service

China’s ambitions to be a halal meat power have been questioned in a social media storm over the use of halal marketing by one of the country’s leading food delivery companies. 

US pork council backs anti-state regulation act

The US pork industry has thrown its weight behind an act that would stop states from adopting laws and regulations that ban the sale of products from outside of that state.