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China names suppliers of drug-tainted meat

WalMart and Tesco are among retailers named by China’s food safety watchdog as inadvertent suppliers of drug-tainted meat in a spot check of products for detected animal medication residues beyond permitted limits.

Ractopamine is used to treat EU livestock, but China has a zero tolerance policy to the drug

US battles poultry sickness rivalling bird flu

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is “actively working” to improve prevention of Marek’s Disease, a virus which causes tumours and death in poultry. 

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Slovenian poultry firm gets €40m worth of investment

Slovenian poultry firm Perutnina Ptuj has received €40m worth of investment from the Slovenian Steel Group (SIJ) as part of its long-term plan to break into the food industry. 

US meat firms hit by China’s restrictions

The lack of access to China is hitting the meat export market in the US, Philip Seng, the US Meat Export Federation president and CEO has claimed. 

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Brussels protest planned to highlight farmers' struggles

A Brussels’ demonstration supporting pig and beef producers is planned for 7 September by European farming group Copa-Cogega, coinciding with an extraordinary meeting of EU agriculture ministers.