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US studies reveal mince contamination and mislabelling

Two years after the UK meat industry was rocked by the discovery of horsemeat in dozens of beef products, a new study in the US has discovered the widespread contamination of meat with other species, including horsemeat.

Unlabelled horsemeat was detected in a range of meat samples

Brazil: food export value falls despite meat volume growth

Brazil's meat export volume growth is failing to offset declines in general food exports, in line with its depreciating currency.

Ukraine eyes meat export growth in Middle East, Asia

Ukraine expects to double poultry meat exports by 2018 and boost export growth for other meats off the back of increased trade with the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Beef farmers contest 'vague' water management law

Cattlemen are hotly contesting a rule that will give the US Environmental Protection Agency authority over all waterways in the US is set to come into effect on August 28.

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Go-ahead for South African merger

The competition commission in South Africa has given the green light to a proposed merger between Rhodes Food Group and Deemster.