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New laws put pressure on Chinese meat firms

China’s meat companies are feeling the strain of extra regulations, with a triple whammy of new laws increasing the costs of compliance according to industry executives and analysts.

Online commerce is one of the focuses of China's new advertising law

EU competition means pork producers must adapt

EU pork processors must confront three choices to prosper in the face of increased retail competition and squeezed margins, according to market analyst Rabobank.

HKScan reveals site of Finland poultry factory

HKScan has decided that Rauma will be the location of its Finnish production facility specialising in poultry products, following its 5 August announcement that it aimed to open a factory in the region.

Progress on Australian pork projects

Australian projects to improve pig nutrition, enhance weaner performance and increase reproduction and enrich the lives of group housed sows are at various stages of development and commercialisation. 

News in brief

Finland sets out boar embargo

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira is asking that no wild boar meat or food products made from boar should be brought into Finland from the Baltic countries or Poland.

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