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Cattlemen praise positive outcome to US trade talks

The successful conclusion to Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks, which focused on removing trade barriers between the US and several Pacific Rim countries, has been welcomed by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).

Clinching the TPP terms paves the way for the US to tackle the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership with the EU

Millions of Russians to get ration cards for meat purchasing

Russia’s government aims to subsidise the cost of poultry, red meat and some other foods by 30-50% for 15-16 million of the country’s poorest citizens.

Danish pig farmers face difficult times

Danish pig farmers are bracing for tough times, with an average farmer set to lose 300,000 Danish Krone (DKK) (US$44,826) income in 2015, on top of higher debt compared with previous years.

New laws put pressure on Chinese meat firms

China’s meat companies are feeling the strain of extra regulations, with a triple whammy of new laws increasing the costs of compliance according to industry executives and analysts.

EU competition means pork producers must adapt

EU pork processors must confront three choices to prosper in the face of increased retail competition and squeezed margins, according to market analyst Rabobank.


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