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Brazil meat scandal: limited damage to pork

Brazil is continuing to grow its pork exports and even the recent meat corruption scandal had little to no impact on rising volume trade, Rabobank has claimed. 

Brazil's pork production is expected to rise this year too

Trump’s biggest tax cut in US history thrills meat sector

The US government plans to cut taxes for big and small businesses in the largest reform since the Reagan era – and the meat industry is pleased that the death tax will be repealed.

Food robotics market value set to rise

The value of the global food automation industry is expected to hit $2.5bn by 2022, according to a new study. 

Global beef prices tipped to drop this year

International beef prices are set to experience varying levels of decline this year, largely driven by one of the world’s biggest beef importers, the US, according to Informa.

China braced for boom in online food sales

Online food sales in China could double in the next decade, thanks to a massive upsurge in smartphone shopping, research firm IGD has claimed.