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Pork firm APK-Invest hit by Ukraine conflict

Ukraine’s largest pork producer APK-Invest continues to suffer losses due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine’s eastern region, where the company’s largest assets are located. Direct losses from the conflict are estimated at UAH40 million (US$1.8m), according to an official report from the company.

APK Invest is struggling with water shortages and disrupted harvests as a result of the conflict in Ukraine

Su Cheng Foodstuffs investigated over food fraud

Food fraud revelations have appalled consumers in a prosperous Chinese east coast city.

Cooperl responds to contaminated meat fine

French pig cooperative Cooperl has expressed regret over a €150,000 fine it received from a court in France for handling contaminated meat, but stressed the court dismissed several charges against it.

EFSA fleshes out pre-packed fish temperatures

Pre-packed fish storage and transport temperature guidance has finally been set out in a European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) report, with the issue having been vague for years.

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HKScan Finland in slaughterhouse acquisition

HKScan Finland has acquired a 50% stake in Paimion Teurastamo’s slaughterhouse, owned by the Turku-based Kaivon Liha Kaunismaa Oy, which will retain the remaining share.