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Key issues, countries and systems are put under the microscope as we seek to get under the skin of meat matters and provide thought-provoking commentary.

Halal boosts fresh meat performance

Demand for halal meat, an important feature of life across Muslim communities, is growing rapidly as the Muslim share of the global population has increased steadily and is projected to...


How the halal sector presents major opportunities

The halal sector adds value to the sheep market in particular and, increasingly, for the cattle market. Halal presents a significant market opportunity, which processors can capitalise on, particularly when it comes...

Retail analysis: Russian Federation

With a population of 143.5 million people last year, Russia consumes approximately 9.8 million tonnes of meat per year, the equivalent of 68kg per capita, according to official data from...

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Meat and livestock sector starts to debate Brexit as referendum authorised

In or out? Like every UK voter, the meat and livestock industry has two-and-a-half years to decide whether its future is better with Britain remaining in the European Union (EU)...

Encouraging cattle weights seen in US

Cattle numbers in the US are on the up, but beef exports are continuing to be dragged down by a strong US dollar and high domestic beef prices, according to...

Pig and poultry meat to push up global production

World meat production is expected to increase by 1.3% this year, to 318.7 million tonnes (mt) according to the new report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United...

Global beef export forecast revised upwards

World beef export predictions for 2015, made last October by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), have been revised to nearly 3% higher to a record 10.2 million tons (mt).

New Zealand sees disparity in livestock performance

Climatic conditions have impacted on New Zealand livestock producers, with North Island producers benefiting to the detriment of their South Island cousins, the latest economic reports show.

Global meat market up 3% in 2014

According to recent Euromonitor data, the global meat market grew 3% in volumes in 2014, driven by growth in emerging markets. However, Western meat consumption is being affected by the...


Retail analysis: Australia

Australians have some of the highest meat per capita consumption rates in the world and consume 121.2kg of meat per capita/year, according to data from the Food & Agriculture Organisation...

US poultry exports forecast down in wake of bird flu outbreaks

The USDA has forecast that exports of US poultry will fall to almost 3% to 7.3 billion pounds (lb) this year, as the country feels the impact of several avian...

EU meat production on the up, says new Commission report

Meat production in Europe is increasing, following years of decline in supply, according to the latest European Commission Short Term Outlook for EU arable crops, dairy and meat markets in...

Nutrition factors high in consumers’ decision-making process

The nutritional benefits of meat and poultry products form part of the key decision-making process for consumers, according to new research by the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and Food...

Guest article

Prospects for the Eurozone in 2015

Matt Incles, from Promar International, describes the latest developments in the Eurozone and considers the impact on consumers and their meat purchase behaviour.

Guest article

Realigning global standards for agricultural trade: the US and EU trade negotiations

It is not a rare occurrence for the US and the European Union to be on the polar opposite ends of an agri-related issue.

Global consumption set to rise across meat industry

There are huge opportunities for the global meat industry, particularly in Asia and Africa, according to the Institute of Grocery Development (IGD).

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Segmentation by occasion: can it reverse processed meat slowdown in Europe?

Processed meat has reached saturation point in developed markets, with Europe seeing a stagnant value compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over 2009-2014, according to Euromonitor International, a trend further exacerbated...

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Global pig market expected to return to “something like normal”

While prices across Europe have been spiralling downwards, the global pork market is expected to return to "something like normal", except for the situation with Russia, according to Stephen Howarth,...

Global meat scandal sees US on look-out for greater transparency

Being a trusted manufacturer is key to success in the branded meat market in the US, according to new analysis by Canadean.

Guest article

Winners and losers in the supply chain as oil prices tumble

Most people know that the global oil price has taken a big hit over the past six months, falling by just under 50% to US$59 per barrel at the end...

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3D printed meat on the way – and it will be disruptive, say American specialists

3D printed meat production will become technically feasible and could create competition for traditional meat producers as consumers will ultimately be able to print their own meat products – although...

Australian cattle industry expecting tight supply ahead

Two years of record cattle turn-off and live exports are likely to bring significant contraction in the market this year, according to Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) 2015 cattle industry...

Future of global pork market in 2015 remains uncertain

Turbulence in the global pork market will continue throughout 2015, according to a new report by Rabobank.

Meat buying trends analysed in new research

Psychological and sensorial factors are key to consumers’ decision-making process when it comes to buying meat.

Irish meat export year ends with optimism

Beef and pigmeat struggled but overall Irish exports of meat and livestock grew by 3%, to just over €3.6 billion, during 2014.

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