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Pork prices set to stay high, thanks to PEDv, claims Rabobank

The latest Rabobank report on the global pork market has suggested pork prices will remain high in Q4, due to the porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PEDv), entering some countries into...

Australia points to growing importance of US for beef and lamb exports

The USA is a key market for Australian beef and lamb exports and its importance is growing: Australia’s beef exports by volume to America shot up by 53% in the...

No end in sight for China’s cattle shortage

On the face of it, things are looking rather rosy for beef in China. Growth is dynamic – at least within the context of fresh food – driven by consumer...

Guest article

Africa – the four pillars of growth

If you were to think about the global meat sector, Africa is not often seen in the same light as China, other parts of Asia and Latin America, but this...

New Zealand lamb exports exceed NZ$2bn

Despite reduced lamb export volumes from New Zealand, the value of Free On Board (FOB) exports exceeded NZ$2bn for only the fourth time in history, in the first nine months...

Increasing price forecast for Australian cattle, thanks to beef demand

Despite a looming shortage of cattle, robust global demand for beef has put a positive spin on Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) 2014 mid-year cattle projections.

Global poultry production set to leap forward, say experts

Worldwide poultry production will surge ahead in the next nine years, accounting for 28.3 million tonnes (mt) of the additional 57.7mt annual meat production projected from 2011-13 to 2023, according...

EU meat production starts to grow - but exports may tumble, says Brussels report

European Union (EU) meat production is projected to start growing in 2014, according to the European Commission, as Europe’s economic recovery solidifies. This could be up 0.7% year-on-year for beef,...

China Meat Association outlines state of industry to Congress

The pace of change in the Chinese meat industry is rapid, with both demand and prices up, and modernisation continuing apace, the president of the China Meat Association told delegates...


Focus on Brazil: the vital statistics

With thousands of football fans gearing up to descend on Brazil for the FIFA World Cup 2014, Global Meat News thought it timely to take a look at how Brazil’s...

Focus on Denmark

Denmark has a population of just 5.5 million people, but with total pig production standing at over 29m and producers exporting to the value of DKr32bn (£3.5bn) in 2013, the...


Special feature: Focus on Denmark's pork industry

The high costs of finishing pigs in Denmark and avoiding African Swine Fever are just two of the challenges facing Denmark’s pork industry.

Study shows yeast could improve broiler meat quality

A recent study published in the Animal Science Journal indicates that the inclusion of astaxanthin (Ax)-rich yeast in the diet of broilers increases meat quality.

Need for investment in Nigeria’s livestock sector

The poor health and welfare reputation of Nigeria’s abattoirs and meat processors has undermined the reputation of its meat sector, helping reduce exports to a derisory level.

US food safety association flags up potential negatives of TTIP

Food safety in the meat industry could be negatively affected by the result of the current Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks between the US and the European Union,...

China gears up for halal meat exports

The world’s meat traders were in western China this week for the China International Halal Food and Products Fair, designed to make China a leading halal meat exporter.

News focus

Opinion divided on who benefits most from Japan-Australia deal

The new Japan-Australia Partnership Agreement (JAEPA), agreed on 8 April, allows unprecedented access to Japanese markets, but it is not necessarily only the Australian meat producers who will profit.

China’s loss making poultry firms vow to limit bird breeding

An executive from one of China’s largest poultry processors has vowed to remove over-capacity from the sector, which he claims was as serious as bird flu in inflicting losses on...


Afghanistan becomes net meat importer, despite livestock traditions

Despite being a traditional livestock country, Afghanistan is no longer self-sufficient due to more than three decades of conflict, and is now dependent on meat imports.

Report recommends improved infrastructure for Kazakhstan meat industry

The Kazakhstani government needs to invest in improving knowledge and infrastructure to allow its meat and agricultural sector to achieve its potential, a report has claimed.


Focus on New Zealand - NZ lamb in the UK

Despite fewer promotions and price rises driven by market forces, New Zealand lamb bucked the downward trend on imports in 2013.


Focus on New Zealand - Water works

A forum to plan the future for New Zealand’s fresh water is just one initiative bringing together interested parties for a positively green future.


Focus on New Zealand - China syndrome

It is true for nearly every internationally traded commodity, and it is true for New Zealand’s meat. China wants it.. and its appetite is growing fast.


Focus on New Zealand - Market overview

Despite drought affecting production, New Zealand’s sheep and beef revenue has grown, boosted by good value exports...

Total lamb exports from New Zealand rise 11% in value

The value of total lamb exports from New Zealand increased 11% in the first six months of the 2013-14 meat export season, despite a decline in volume, according to the...

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