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Russian meat industry sees slowdown in growth

In 2013 Russia plans to increase the production of all types of meat by 2.5% on last year’s level – to 11.92 million tonnes in live weight, according to a...


Focus on New Zealand: Carbon commitment

New Zealand’s agriculture sector has sidestepped the country’s Emissions Trading Scheme, but farmers are clearly committed to working on their carbon footprint, with some good results achieved to date....


Focus on New Zealand: World trade view

New Zealand is a force to be reckoned with on the meat export market, and ships beef and lamb to an impressive 116 countries worldwide. However, limited lamb supply and...

European study links processed meat to lifespan

A new European study has claimed that eating too much processed meat, such as salami, ham and sausages, can increase the risk of early death from heart disease and cancer.


Focus on New Zealand: The great balancing act

A high lambing percentage in 2012-13 meant it was a good year for New Zealand lamb, but this was tempered with a decline in the breeding flock, which meant supply...

What caused the European horsemeat crisis?

As the horsemeat scandal continues to rage through Europe, policy makers and industry are starting to reflect on what caused the crisis, and how it can be avoided in the...

Challenges facing the US meat sector

Patrick Boyle, CEO of the American Meat Institute, discusses some of the challenges facing the AMI's members in the US.

Report tracks shift in carcase value

A shift in animal carcase valuation could have permanent and far-reaching consequences for the global meat industry, according to the latest report from Rabobank.

Beef prices forecast to set new records in 2013

Global beef prices are expected to break records again next year, as demand for cow meat outweighs supply, a Rabobank report has claimed.

News in brief

Australian beef set to grow in line with Asian demand

A significant increase in the amount of beef produced by Australia to supply the burgeoning Asian market is predicted in a new Australian Government White Paper.

Meat firms hit as US hurricane takes its toll

American financial analysts have warned that meat producers and processors are losing business as the impact of Hurricane Sandy, one of the worst storms to batter America, continues to cripple...

New report points to global meat production slowdown

Global meat production is slowing down as a result of disease outbreaks and adverse weather conditions, according to a new report from the Worldwatch Institute.

Pork prices set to hit record next year, predicts Rabobank

Tight global supplies and a challenging economy are likely to push pork prices to record levels in 2013, according to the latest analysis from Rabobank.

Fast food outlets grow presence in Vietnam

A fashion for eating in branded fast food outlets, such as America’s KFC, is helping to drive increased meat consumption in Vietnam, where pork remains king but chicken dominates menus...

German meat trade robust

Despite reports of weak industrial farming and poor animal protection, consumption of meat and meat products remain stable in Germany, according to the latest figures.

Fall for US pork and beef exports

US pork and beef exports fell slightly year on year during July, with leaders citing higher operating costs and “serious economic challenges”.


Argentine beef: changing all the time but with new production and market opportunities

Argentina has a long tradition when it comes to producing high-quality beef, but the internal and external dynamics within the industry are still subject to ongoing change. This presents both...


Complex balance

Campaign groups are increasingly calling on people to eat less meat to save the planet and improve their health. However, experts argue that the debate surrounding meat and the environment...

World Meat Congress

Tough markets see consumers change habits

With the economic downturn affecting markets all around the world, global consumption habits are changing across the board, consumer expert Helen King told delegates to the World Meat Congress in...

World Meat Congress

GDP fall set to hit meat industry

The economic downturn and fall in global GDP growth is shaping up to be a serious “cloud on the horizon” of the meat industry, a leading expert told delegates to...

World Meat Congress

World pork industry increasingly efficient

Producers and processors around the world are becoming more efficient at making high-quality pork products according to the International Meat Secretariat (IMS) – and it is benefiting the environment.

US sees biggest food price rises for beef and veal

Beef and veal has experienced the greatest price rise of all foods in the US between 2010-2011, according to the latest figures from the US Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research...

Indian poultry market potential huge, report claims

The Indian poultry market is expected to grow at a rate of 8-10% per year as demand for processed chicken grows, according to the latest report from Rabobank.

Guest article

Brazilian beef: The China of Latin America?

The agricultural sector in Brazil remains critical to the overall economy per se at some 70% of GDP and employing around 30 million people.


2012 AD

Anaerobic digestion could bring benefits to the UK meat industry's environmental impact, but a lack of clear policy and funding on the issue are holding developments back. Melodie Michel reports

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