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State of the industry: flight or plight?

Oscar Rousseau

By Oscar Rousseau+


We want to gauge your views on the state of the global meat industry
We want to gauge your views on the state of the global meat industry

What are the threats and opportunities your business is likely to face in 2017?

The global meat industry has seen a year of unexpected and tumultuous change: the rise in protectionism fuelled by Donald Trump and the UK’s Brexit vote have alarmed free trade advocates, as businesses seek growth in the international arena.

But is your business more or less optimistic about the year ahead than you were 12 months ago? Are you planning investment, mergers or acquisitions? Is a lack of skilled labour set to be a problem, or is your business planning to hire more staff? What about animal diseases, welfare, antibiotics and environmental policy?

At GlobalMeatNews, we are running an important State of the Industry survey to gauge the views of you – our readers.

Drawing on insight from some of the most influential figures in the meat sector, we want to measure your perception of the threats and opportunities for your business in 2017, asking crucial questions about the state of the global meat industry.

This anonymous survey takes five minutes to complete and will close on Monday 20 February, following which we will produce an exclusive report, detailing the findings.

Take the survey HERE or click in the box below.

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