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The meat industry has come under fire from environmental campaigners in recent years and is having to run hard to catch up on the green debate. Catch up with the latest news and developments on this important subject.

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Rapeseed is a sustainable feed solution, finds EU study

10-Apr-2014 - A European Union (EU) research project has touted rapeseed cake as an effective feed for reducing livestock methane emissions, while also providing biofuel. The study also suggests the use of rapeseed cake improves digestion in ruminants.

News in brief

US study examines routes of transmission for salmonella and campylobacter

04-Apr-2014 - A US study assessing the potential routes of transmission for campylobacter and salmonella in breeder and market turkeys has found that poultry house pests (flies, beetles and rodents) could be potential vectors of both organisms.

Russia extends pork ban to finished products

03-Apr-2014 - Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has announced that, from 7 April 2014, the country is to impose temporary restrictions on the import of finished pork products from Lithuania and Poland.

News in brief

Peter Kendall announced as WFO president

02-Apr-2014 - Peter Kendall, former National Farmers’ Union (NFU) president, will replace American Robert Calson as president of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO).

EU member states pass new swine fever controls

20-Mar-2014 - European Union (EU) member states yesterday (19 March) approved detailed restrictions on the handling of pigs and pigmeat in the border areas of Poland and Lithuania to try and prevent the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF).

High pathogenic H5N1 outbreak discovered in Libya

13-Mar-2014 - A small outbreak of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) variant H5N1 has been discovered in Tubruq, Libya.

News in brief

US cattle numbers as low as they were in 1950s

12-Mar-2014 - The drop in American cattle numbers, mainly due to drought, is having a serious effect on the US meat industry, according to Texan meat scientist professor Jeff Savell.

Brazilian beef prices rise to record high in line with temperature

07-Mar-2014 - The cost of Brazilian beef is on the up as unseasonably hot weather has resulted in a fall in cattle supplies.

Calls for chicken reserve to rescue Chinese chicken sector

06-Mar-2014 - One of China’s most respected agricultural experts has used China’s annual parliament – sitting this week in Beijing – to call for the establishment of a chicken reserve to rescue farmers from the current bird flu crisis.

EFSA probes wild boar hunting as swine fever control method

05-Mar-2014 - The European Commission and the Lithuanian government are considering backing significant hunting and trapping campaigns to reduce wild boar numbers in regions where these animals have contracted African Swine Fever.

Breaking news:

New avian influenza outbreak in the Netherlands

03-Mar-2014 - More than 40,000 chickens have been killed after H5N1 low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) was discovered at a farm in the Netherlands.

EU and Brazil intensify meat and livestock health control cooperation

03-Mar-2014 - The European Union (EU) and Brazil are to boost their cooperation over health controls in their trade in meat and livestock, said a joint communiqué, released after a summit meeting in Brussels.

Spain buys 1.5m vaccine doses for bluetongue

26-Feb-2014 - Spain’s veterinary organisation is promising a tough response to a fresh outbreak of bluetongue disease in Spanish livestock.

African swine fever to impact 2014 pig prices

26-Feb-2014 - The EU pigmeat market is likely to have seen "significant downwards demand", following Russia’s ban on imports after African swine fever (ASF) was discovered in Lithuania, according to a leading industry analyst.

Claims over supply of GMO-free soy refuted

25-Feb-2014 - A number of associations have come together to refute claims made by the German Poultry Association (ZDG) regarding a lack of GMO-free soy coming out of Brazil.

Meat products recalled by Santa Maria Foods

24-Feb-2014 - Approximately 8,895lb of meat products are to be recalled by Canadian firm Santa Maria Foods Corporation, after it was found they had been imported without inspection.

Danish Muslims and Jews hit back at non-stun ban

24-Feb-2014 - Denmark’s Halal and Jewish societies must now rely on meat imports after the government announces a ban on non-stun meat products for animal welfare reasons.

MEPS attack Commission’s animal cloning proposals as too weak

24-Feb-2014 - The European Commission’s proposals to ban the farming of cloned animals and the sale of their meat came under fire yesterday from MEPs, who thought the European Union (EU) should take tougher action to prevent cloning.

EU countries achieve initial breakthrough on Russia’s pork import ban

21-Feb-2014 - Six European Union (EU) countries have proposed the introduction of a temporary veterinary certificate in order to resume supplies of pork to Russia, recently limited due to outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in Lithuania and Poland.

News in brief

UK pork exports hit record since 2000

21-Feb-2014 - UK pork exports for last year hit record high since 2000, exceeding 256,000 tonnes (t) with a value of over £325m.

Infection fall positive in battle against Campylobacter

21-Feb-2014 - European food safety leaders have reported the first fall in human cases of campylobacteriosis in five years.

Ukraine’s MHP looks beyond Russia for export

21-Feb-2014 - A leading Ukraine meat supplier has announced a switch in strategy to reduce its exposure to the volatile Russian poultry market.

Denmark bans non-stun slaughter

20-Feb-2014 - A ban on non-stun slaughter has come into force in Denmark as the country’s government says “animal rights come before religion”.

US supplier recalls products “unfit for human food”

20-Feb-2014 - Giant US supplier Rancho Feeding Corporation has recalled approximately 8.7m pounds of products due to processing “diseased and unsound animals”, according to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

Brussels to initiate second hunt for horsemeat

20-Feb-2014 - The European Commission is to coordinate a second set of DNA tests this spring, similar to those conducted last year, following the horsemeat mislabelling scandal, with the results being published by the end of July.


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