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Money makes the world go round and the meat industry is no different. Deals are always being brokered and currency fluctuations are a key issue for any global meat trader.

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Prospects for the Eurozone in 2015

Matt Incles, from Promar International, describes the latest developments in the Eurozone and considers the impact on consumers and their meat purchase behaviour.

Marfrig achieves target revenue in 2014

Brazilian meat giant Marfrig Global Foods has achieved full-year revenue of R$21bn, as a favourable currency exchange and growth in exports pushed up sales across the business.

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US corporation acquires Marel site

Equipment manufacturer Marel is selling its high-speed slicing facility in Norwich, United Kingdom. 

Banks impeding growth in Danish organic meat sector

Tighter lending positions being taken by banks in Denmark towards the country’s agri-industry is restricting herd and production-related investments by the country’s organic meat sector.

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Tulip completes expansion of UK plant

Danish Crown subsidiary Tulip has completed the modernisation and expansion of its Westerleigh plant in Gloucestershire, England, as part of a project costing approximately DKK160m (£16m).

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Golden State Foods to open $40m processing facility

Leading US beef processor Golden State Foods (GSF) is to invest between $40-45m in a new meat processing facility in Opelika, Alabama, as it looks to expand its operations.

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Canadian pork industry sees boost to biosecurity

The Canadian pork industry is to benefit from a CA$2m funding boost, targeted at improving its traceability and biosecurity measures.

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Pig prices fall in China

Increased supply and government initiatives to stabilise the pork market in China have seen pig prices fall 7% in a year.

Mumbai region buffalo meat strike launched over police harassment

Buffalo meat supplies in the Indian state of Maharashtra, which includes Mumbai, have stopped after an indefinite strike was called by butchers and traders to protest against the alleged harassment...

Japan pork producers fight for status quo in US-Japan pig meat trade

Japan’s pork industry remains resolutely opposed to its national government watering down tariffs in discussions with the USA on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal, warning that revising...

Questions raised over US antibiotic investment

The Obama Administration’s proposed $1.2bn investment in combating antibiotic resistant bacteria has come under fire from the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) for failing to adequately address antibiotic misuse in...

Russian meat company’s prices jump after import ban

Russian meat manufacturer Cherkizovo Group has seen the average sale price of pork increase by 47% in 2014, helped by import restrictions on EU meat.

Finland’s Atria tackling operating cost base

Finland’s Atria is pushing ahead with plans to reduce its cost base in the face of lower revenues that are mainly being generated due to lost meat trade with Russia,...

EU funding awarded for infectious diseases project

An EU project designed to speed up the detection and response times for human and animal disease outbreaks has been awarded more than €20 million.

Ukraine cuts direct support for livestock industry in 2015

There will be no program of livestock industry support in Ukraine this year, according to the ‘State Budget of Ukraine for 2015’, published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada...

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Atria to invest in pig cutting plant

Finnish company Atria is looking to boost its competitiveness through investment in its pig cutting plant in Nurmo.

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Meat sees only increase in FAO Food Price Index in 2014

Meat was the only commodity group which saw an increase in the FAO Food Price Index during 2014 - up 8.1% compared to 2013.

Rabobank report ponders new norm for beef prices

Tight cattle and beef supplies were a continuing factor during Q4 of 2014, despite prices softening slightly on the preceding quarter, according to a new report by Rabobank.

Cherkizovo may cancel major pig project in Russia

The current economic crisis in Russia may force the country’s largest meat operator - Cherkizovo - to cancel the implementation of major pork project in the Voronezh Oblast, according to...

Top 10 global trade stories of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close GlobalMeatNews looks back at some of the biggest international trade stories to make the headlines this year. From Russia’s ban on meat imports in...

ABP secures Japanese beef deal

Irish meat giant ABP Food Group has secured what it claims is the first beef deal with Japan for an Irish producer since 2000. 

Australian cattle deal spurs Chinese interest

A recent deal between China and Australia, which could see one million cattle from Australia headed to China each year, has plenty of takers on the Chinese side.

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McDonald’s looks to improve image with video insiders

It seems like too much of a coincidence that McDonald’s has been drip-feeding documentary-style videos of its production process in a bid to improve its image, just as global sales...

Economic crisis may force Russians to cut meat consumption

Russian meat producers believe the negative trends in the country’s economy, including a high level of inflation and a fall in the real incomes of the population, together with a...

Ukraine loses US$4m, due to Russian meat trade restrictions

Ukraine has lost some US$4 million (€3.2m) in revenues following Russian cattle and pork meat import restrictions imposed in 2013 and 2014, according to data provided by the European Commission (EC).