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Money makes the world go round and the meat industry is no different. Deals are always being brokered and currency fluctuations are a key issue for any global meat trader.

ABP secures Japanese beef deal

Irish meat giant ABP Food Group has secured what it claims is the first beef deal with Japan for an Irish producer since 2000. 

Australian cattle deal spurs Chinese interest

A recent deal between China and Australia, which could see one million cattle from Australia headed to China each year, has plenty of takers on the Chinese side.

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McDonald’s looks to improve image with video insiders

It seems like too much of a coincidence that McDonald’s has been drip-feeding documentary-style videos of its production process in a bid to improve its image, just as global sales...

Economic crisis may force Russians to cut meat consumption

Russian meat producers believe the negative trends in the country’s economy, including a high level of inflation and a fall in the real incomes of the population, together with a...

Ukraine loses US$4m, due to Russian meat trade restrictions

Ukraine has lost some US$4 million (€3.2m) in revenues following Russian cattle and pork meat import restrictions imposed in 2013 and 2014, according to data provided by the European Commission (EC).

Canada looks to improve ROI for Nova Scotia beef producers

More than CA$89,000 is being invested in a project by the Nova Scotia Cattle Producers to boost animal welfare practices, improve farm safety and increase return on investment (ROI).

Dawn Meats signs deal with French cooperative

Irish red meat supplier Dawn Meats and French farming cooperative Terrena have announced a deal in which the former will acquire almost half of Terrena’s beef processing division Elivia.

Israel set to send supplies of meat to Russia by the year-end

Russia is negotiating with Israel on the launch of meat supplies, with the first deliveries likely to take place before the end of 2014, Russian officials have claimed. 

Russia claims to have covered its meat deficit

Russia claims to have completely covered the deficit in meat – in particular pork – that appeared in the domestic market after the ban on certain food imports in August...

JBS buy sees it expand Australian presence

Processing giant JBS SA has acquired Australian ham and bacon company Primo Smallgoods Group for US$1.25 billion, through its subsidiary JBS Australia.

Welsh meat body recognises Monoprix managers

Retail staff in French stores have been rewarded for their efforts in promoting Welsh Lamb.

Saskatchewan to benefit from funding boost for pork development

Canadian federal and provincial governments announced a CA$150,000 funding package for the Saskatchewan Pork Development Board (SaskPork) this week.

Danish Crown reports satisfactory results despite Russian ban

Danish Crown has seen revenue slip slightly on last year’s figures in its latest financial statement, from DKK 58,164m (€7,824m) in 2012/13 to DKK 58,029m for the current financial year.

New tax initiatives set to hit Ukrainian meat industry

Ukraine’s government intends to increase the tax burden on meat producers, which could result in a strong negative impact on the development of the meat industry in the country in...

Red meat producers set to benefit from China-Australia trade deal

The Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) has said that "significant flow-through opportunities" exist for Australian beef producers following the signing of a China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) today (17 November)....

Danish ministry to assemble support package for meat industry

Denmark’s ministry of food, agriculture and fisheries has commenced talks with the country’s farming and meat industry organisations to forge a new state emergency support package for the sector....

Welsh meat wins €4.1m funding boost

Welsh meat bosses are hoping to increase the profile for the country’s lamb and beef across Europe with the launch of a multi-million-euro project.

Smaller EU markets boost UK beef exports

Increased demand from smaller European markets has boosted trade for UK meat producers with a shift from carcase meat to higher value cuts.

Proposed US beef scheme criticised by sector leaders

US government plans to create an industry funded ‘checkoff’ programme for beef have been dismissed as a “waste of producer dollars” by sector leaders.

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Silver Fern Farms chief executive to step down as business reorganises

Keith Cooper, chief executive of Silver Fern Farms, is to step down from his position.

EU launches new meat sales promotion programmes

The European Commission has announced a further four European Union (EU)-funded marketing programmes, promoting sales of EU-produced meat, within member states and abroad.

European trade deal with East African community set to increase meat and livestock trade

Kenya’s meat industry is worried that East Africa’s meat and livestock sector could suffer from the impact of subsidised European Union (EU) exports now that a trade deal has been...

Irish hardest hit by Russian ban on bovine offal and fats

Ireland has been especially hard hit by the latest expansion of Russia’s ban on European Union (EU) meat exports, figures released by the European Commission reveal.

McDonald’s Japan revises finances following food safety scandal

McDonald’s Holdings Japan has revised its financial forecasts to take into account a damaging incident earlier this year, in which workers from supplier Shanghai Husi were filmed picking meat off...

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European ready meals market predicted to reach more than €40bn by 2016

The European ready meals market is forecast to grow 12% by 2016, according to food and drink market research company Food For Thought (FFT).