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Canada backs meat export development

By Carina Perkins , 10-Jan-2013

The Canadian government has said it will set aside C$1.5m to support the development of export markets for meat and other agriculture products.

The money will be given to the Agri-Food Export Group Québec–Canada and will fund a range of activities, including export training for new member companies, export missions, trade meetings and trade shows, as well as marketing materials.

Announcing the investment, Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry and Minister of State for Agriculture, said: “Our government places the economy at the top of the priority list, and supporting the development of international trade creates jobs and keeps our economy strong. By helping industry get the tools needed to enter new international markets, our government is creating opportunities for Canadian agri-food exporters to develop and thrive.”

André Coutu, chief executive officer of the Export Group, said the funding would enable Canadian companies to “assert an aggressive presence” in key export markets.

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