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Pigs make progress

The British Pig Executive (BPEX) says it is putting quality as the foundation that it intends to rebuild export markets. BPEX chairman outlined the strategy yesterday at Anuga, Europe's biggest...

The future of red meat

The UK's Red Meat Industry Forum has outlined what it sees as the future of the red meat industry.

Chilean meat exports heat up

Chilean bovine meat exports have made a 500 per cent increase on last years first half lifting exports to US$8.8 million, reports the Agrarian Studies and Policies Office (ODEPA).

Boosting English exports

A nine-strong party of English exporters is heading for Germany to give the UK's meat industry a much-needed boost. The nine are all attending Anuga, Europe's biggest food event. The...

Ukraine to restart US poultry imports

Ukraine has agreed to start imports of US poultry following a two-year ban. The hard-fought settlement was reached after months of tough negotiations between the two nations.

EC breaks up cartel

The European Commission yesterday slammed a €138.4 million fine on four sorbate suppliers accused of operating a cartel in the 1990s.

Swedish chickens are role models

Sweden's animal welfare programme should serve as a model for the rest of the EU, claims the Swedish Poultry Meat Association.

US-Russian meat relations thaw

US president George Bush and Russian president Vladimir Putin have announced a ground-breaking agreement on the import and export of meat.

Russian sausages reviewed

Market Advice has carried out an in-depth analysis of the Moscow sausage market, interviewing the sales and marketing departments of the top 20 traders of sausages & related products in...

The place to meet

Meat, sausage, game and poultry are at the heart of Anuga Meat, one of the sectors at Cologne-based global food fair Anuga.

US meat output decreasing

Red meat production in the United States appears to be slowing, according to recent figures released by the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Fischler defends EU farm position

Disheartened European commissioner Franz Fischler reflected on the failure of world trade talks in Mexico last week in reaching an agreement on agricultural trade reform.

Degussa announces biggest investment to date

Germany's third largest chemical company Degussa is to invest a massive €350 million in a new amino acid plant, representing the merged company's biggest single investment to date.

RMIF to build a better future

Progress made by the Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF) in improving the future of the red meat supply chain is to be outlined at a major London conference in November.

Processing opportunities in Pakistan

French investors are looking to secure joint ventures in the Pakistani meat processing and packing industry. A delegation from ADEPTA met with the country's privatisation and investment minister.

US and Bulgaria to meat half way

The US is set to increase its investment in Bulgarian agriculture. This will establish better relations between the two countries and lift the ranking of the United States as an...

Identifying live mad cows

Scientist in the US claim to have developed a faster test for identifying mad cow disease which may even prove useful for the testing of livestock - a means which...

Good news from the East

Meat processors in Japan have reported increased slaughter figures. According to Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), Japanese beef plants processed over 107,000 cattle in July 2003.

QMS launches Scotch Lamb promotion

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is to launch a nationwide campaign to promote Scotch lamb. The £200,000 UK-wide promotion is designed to stimulate Scottish sheep production.

Russian poultry quota squeezing US exporters

The new Russian quota on US poultry imports is forcing US exporters to seek out new foreign markets.

Mixed results for processors

Cremonini continued to improve its sales in the first half of 2003, helped by the diversified nature of its business.

Northern Ireland beef boost

The UK's National Beef Association (NBA) has demanded that the Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (MLC) act to reverse low cattle prices affecting farmers in the province.

Fischler calls for bridge building

EU Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler has underlined the importance of the US and the EU working together to make the Doha Developing Agenda (DDA) a success.

MLC highlights importance of iron

The UK's Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) has issued a warning that women with low intakes of iron are putting their health at risk.

Pig PhDs

A comprehensive review of future pig research requirements is to be carried out by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) in conjunction with a number UK industry bodies.