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Brazil sees jump in January beef exports

By Carina Perkins , 11-Feb-2013

Brazil saw a big increase in beef exports last month despite BSE-restrictions, according to the latest data.

Brazil exported nearly 89,500 tonnes of beef in January 2013, a 7% increase on December volumes, with value up 5.2% to $409.2 million. Year-on-year growth was even bigger, with volumes up 43% and value up 36% on the previous January.

Russia, Hong Kong and Venezuala are the main destinations for Brazilian beef, accounting for 64% of total export volumes last month. 

Of these, Russia is the biggest market, importing more than 28,000 tonnes of beef worth $109.4 million in January 2013. Volumes to Russia were up 73% on January 2012, while value increased by 52%. 

Exports to Hong Kong, the next biggest market, reached 15,157 tonnes in January, generating revenues of $67,816,000 - the highest monthly value recorded for exports to this region. Venezuala took 13,822 tonnes of Brazilian beef worth US $ 72.5 million in January, a 21% increase on December 2012 and a 50% increase year-on-year.

Brazil is still facing export restrictions in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Peru, South Korea, Lebanon and Jordan following the discovery that a cow that died in the state of Paraná in 2010 was infected with BSE.

The country’s agriculture authorities continue to push for a lifting of these restrictions, which the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) has branded as “unjustified”.

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