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Kazakhstan moves to stem anthrax outbreak

By Keith Nutthal , 01-Nov-2012

The Kazakhstan government has launched a vaccination campaign in the south-east of the country, after an anthrax outbreak was confirmed in cattle.

As a result, 1,172 cattle, 4,437 sheep and goats, 196 horses, 30 donkeys and 100 swine have been inoculated, said Kazakhstan's committee of veterinary control and supervision, at the ministry of agriculture. The outbreak occurred in the Taldy Kurgan district, near the border with Kyrgyzstan, which suffered an outbreak in September.

Reports from the Office International des Épizooties (OIE), the world animal health organisation, said that swill feeding and soil-borne infection were responsible for the latest outbreak, which was confirmed by bacteriological examination and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. Kazakhstan's veterinary officers also ordered the disinfection of infected farms, in and around Zhanalyk village.

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