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New pig stunning device launched

By Nicholas Robinson , 30-Aug-2012

An alternative pig stunning device has been developed at the Canadian University of Guelph on behalf of the National Pork Board and Swine Innovation-Porc.

Researchers working on the new device said it was “highly effective for euthanising piglets”. The device was originally developed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture for stunning rabbits and modified at the University of Guelph for use on pigs.

By using a non-penetrating captive volt, the device, which is known as the Zephyr, will be put forward as an alternative to blunt force trauma euthanasia.

Dr Tina Widowski, professor of animal and poultry science and director of the Campbell Centre for Animal Welfare at the University of Guelph, said: “When euthanising an animal the most important factor is to ensure it loses consciousness immediately so it doesn’t feel any fear, pain or distress.”

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