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European pig industry warned over potential ASF spread

African Swine Fever (ASF) could cross into Germany imminently, the European pig industry has been warned.

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Eye scan could lead to earlier BSE detection

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) could be detected in cows earlier by examining the animal’s retina, research from Iowa State University has shown.

Latest USDA report highlights impact on turkey producers of bird flu hit

Turkey producers in the USA are bearing the brunt of multiple outbreaks of avian influenza (HPAI) currently infecting the country, while broiler producers have largely been sheltered from the effects,...

European Parliament votes to ban clones from the EU

A pair of key committees at the European Parliament voted yesterday (June 17) to propose a full European Union (EU) ban on producing or importing cloned animals, their descendants and...

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No single cause of US avian influenza outbreak

The spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in the USA cannot be attributed to a single factor, a new epidemiology report from the USDA’s animal and plant health inspection...

Ireland plays down impact of potential BSE case

Irish food officials are adamant that the suspected BSE case in the country will not impact on its fledging beef export deals to the US.

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Canadian live swine destined for Chilean market

The Canadian government has succeeded in regaining market access for its live swine to Chile.

MEPs vote Wednesday on toughening EU cloning ban

A joint meeting of the European Parliament environment and agriculture committees will on Wednesday (17 June) vote on proposals to toughen two draft laws to ban the cloning of farm...

Russia restricts transit of US poultry over bird flu fears

Russian veterinary body Rosselkhoznadzor has banned transit of US poultry, including poultry meat and products, on its territory over concerns about bird flu, according to the head of the organisation...

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Kansas bans movement of poultry

An order which bans the movement of poultry in a bid to prevent the spread of a virulent form of bird flu has been implemented by Kansas agriculture officials.

Danish retailer pushes for tougher welfare standards

Supermarket chain Coop Danmark is pressing the Danish government to toughen standards required by a proposed animal welfare labelling scheme for retail meat and livestock products.

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Uzbekistan salmonella and campylobacter rates same as in EU

The level of salmonella and campylobacter in poultry and humans in Uzbekistan is on a par with that found in European Union countries, according to a recent study. 

Canada and Mexico plot tariffs on US meat imports in labelling row

The Canadian and Mexican governments are preparing to impose retaliatory tariffs on American imports, including meat, over the US’s country of origin labelling (COOL) rules for meat and livestock. ...

Boom in Australian beef exports to US could trigger tariffs

Strong sales of Australian beef to the US this year could see exporters use up the duty-free quota allocation available for these trades, resulting in tariffs to secure more American...

Cuba suspends US poultry imports

Cuba has suspended US poultry imports citing the flu epidemic, it has been reported by Reuters.

Animals Australia highlights further livestock cruelty

The failure of Australia’s live export regulatory system has been highlighted by a new investigation from animal protection group Animals Australia. 

End of gestation crates for JBS SA

JBS SA, which owns Seara, Brazil’s second largest pork producer, has revealed plans to phase out of the use of gestation crates for breeding sows by 2016. 

Poultry industry divided over bird flu vaccine

Chicken and turkey farmers and producers in the US are split over whether a vaccine should be introduced to fight the outbreak of bird flu that has killed millions of...

New Zealand meat co-operative planned

Details of a new meat co-operative in New Zealand have been unveiled this week, membership of which will require farmers to commit livestock supply for three years.

WTO challenges India’s poultry and pig import bans

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has told India it should liberalise its bans on imports of poultry products and live pig imports, imposed over concerns that they could be infected...

Brazilian food giant reports progress in pledge to preserve Amazon

Brazilian food processing giant JBS, which has publicly pledged not to purchase cattle from ranches responsible for deforestation inside the Amazon Biome region, has reported that of 12,221 sales in...

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US issues further guidance on antimicrobial use

A strategy to promote the judicious use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals, spearheaded by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has taken another step towards realisation with the announcement...

New EU animal disease law combines vigilance with sensitivity to antimicrobial resistance

A political deal struck at the European Union (EU) over the text of a new animal welfare and health regulation should sharpen the response to disease and reduce anti-microbial resistance...

Northern China to see significant investment in poultry sector

Six of China’s biggest poultry players have combined forces to open a huge RMB6 billion chicken breeding and processing project in northern China.

Chinese scientists create ‘healthier beef’ with added Omega-3s

Chinese scientists have managed to rear cattle containing five times the amount of health-giving Omega 3 fatty acids normally found in the meat, which could help the beef industry to...

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