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Chongqing: The beef capital of China

An ambitious Chinese provincial official wants to displace imported beef with home grown product.

ASF poses ‘very serious risk’ to Denmark

African swine fever (ASF) is a pig farmer’s worst nightmare and as the virus rages in Poland, experts warn even a small outbreak could cost Denmark’s pork industry around €300m...

International paper signals support for reducing antibiotics in livestock

A paper released to a global symposium on preventing antibiotic resistance has signalled that international action should include restricting the prophylactic treatment of livestock with such medicines.

Denmark braced for record-breaking piglet exports

Denmark may hit a record 13 million (m) piglet exports when 2016 draws to an end, according to Frank Oland, chief economist at the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, who...

Young Poultry Veterinarian award winner announced

The winner of the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA)-Zoetis Young Poultry Veterinarian award has been unveiled at the recent WVPA Asia meeting. 

Warning of trade bans on growth promoter-tainted meat

A senior scientist has warned an international trade conference on antimicrobial resistance that rich countries will increasingly ban imports of meat from livestock fed with antibiotic growth promoters. 

Negotiators satisfied after tenth round of EU-Mercosur talks

Another negotiation round on the trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur took place earlier this month in Brussels.

Bidding war for Australia’s Kidman estate escalates

A consortium featuring four of Australia’s largest cattle families have put forward an AU$386m bid for the Kidman estate.

New funding helps cattle movement in Australia

The Australian government is committing a AU$700 million investment to improving roads in Northern Australia, AU$100m of which is being invested under the Northern Australia Beef Roads Programme. 

Shortage of wagyu calves puts pressure on Japan beef industry

A severe shortage of wagyu calves in Japan is putting pressure on producers of this special native beef livestock, as calf prices soar and breeders risk a fall in turnover. ...

Regulatory reform the hot topic at Australian livestock talk

The impact of regulatory reform on Australian livestock exporters will take centre stage at the industry’s national conference, running from 26-27 October.

Jump in meat prices forecast for Ukraine

Prices for all types of meat in Ukraine have started to increase, as of 1 October 2016, as the government has initiated an experiment, temporarily ceasing state regulation of market...

‘No alternatives to antibiotics’ warns expert

Leading food scientist Johanna Fink-Gremmels has warned that if meat-producing livestock is infected with a disease and requires treatment there are “no alternatives to antibiotics”.

Estonia sees sharp fall in pig industry performance

Estonian pig farmers face serious problems amid continuing outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) and an oversupply crisis in Europe’s pork market. 

UN adopts ‘groundbreaking’ animal welfare policies

The United Nations has adopted what one NGO described as “groundbreaking” policy recommendations, placing animal welfare concerns at the heart of global farming.

Australian livestock exporters back trade suspension

Australian livestock exporters have voiced support for temporary suspensions on Malaysian importers that failed to meet animal welfare standards during the country’s Korban festival in September.

Canada invests in Scrapie eradication

The Canadian government has invested CA$345,720 in the Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF) to implement the Scrapie Eradication Strategic Plan for the sheep and goat industries. 

MHP to expand poultry facilities in Ukraine and the Netherlands

Ukrainian agricultural holding company MHP plans to invest up to US$500 million in the construction of the second stage of its Vinitsia Poultry Farm in the next few years and...

Pressure on EU to bolster sheep farmers’ incomes

EU farming body Copa-Cogeca has called for strong measures, including improved CAP payments and efforts to fight unfair trading practices, to increase profits in the sheep meat sector.

New Livestock Exporters chief named

Long-serving beef stalwart David Warriner has been appointed the new chairman of the Northern Territory Livestock Exporters’ Association (NTLEA).

Denmark’s Premium Porc to invest €35m in Romanian pig farms

Danish pig breeder Premium Porc will invest €35 million to expand two Romanian pig farms, located in Brăila and Sibiu, and increase slaughter capacity.

America’s number one pig farmer named

South Dakota-based pork producer Brad Greenway has been crowned America’s Pig Farmer of the Year, for his efforts to put a face on modern pigmeat production.

Huge livestock carrier gains export approval

A ship owned by livestock exporter Wellard, capable of transporting 75,000 sheep, has been granted a certificate to start shipping live animals from Australia.

Bird flu will ‘continue’ in Vietnam, expert warns

After a deadly outbreak of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) strain H5N1 rocked Vietnam’s southern meat-producing hub, experts have warned the country will continue to suffer from the virus....

China issues disease warning to Australia

A stern warning over disease control has come from an inspection boss at one of the largest ports on China’s east coast, which is ramping up preparations for importing live...