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Poultry industry divided over bird flu vaccine

Chicken and turkey farmers and producers in the US are split over whether a vaccine should be introduced to fight the outbreak of bird flu that has killed millions of...

New Zealand meat co-operative planned

Details of a new meat co-operative in New Zealand have been unveiled this week, membership of which will require farmers to commit livestock supply for three years.

WTO challenges India’s poultry and pig import bans

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has told India it should liberalise its bans on imports of poultry products and live pig imports, imposed over concerns that they could be infected...

Brazilian food giant reports progress in pledge to preserve Amazon

Brazilian food processing giant JBS, which has publicly pledged not to purchase cattle from ranches responsible for deforestation inside the Amazon Biome region, has reported that of 12,221 sales in...

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US issues further guidance on antimicrobial use

A strategy to promote the judicious use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals, spearheaded by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has taken another step towards realisation with the announcement...

New EU animal disease law combines vigilance with sensitivity to antimicrobial resistance

A political deal struck at the European Union (EU) over the text of a new animal welfare and health regulation should sharpen the response to disease and reduce anti-microbial resistance...

Northern China to see significant investment in poultry sector

Six of China’s biggest poultry players have combined forces to open a huge RMB6 billion chicken breeding and processing project in northern China.

Chinese scientists create ‘healthier beef’ with added Omega-3s

Chinese scientists have managed to rear cattle containing five times the amount of health-giving Omega 3 fatty acids normally found in the meat, which could help the beef industry to...

Impact of avian flu set to continue throughout 2015

The global trade and price of poultry is likely remain under pressure for the remainder of this year, due to the fallout from avian influenza outbreaks across the world.

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Indian heatwave has significant impact on poultry industry

Millions of poultry birds in India have been killed in the recent heatwave, which saw temperatures soar to a high of 49 degrees centigrade in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, in...

Investment expected for Ghanaian poultry industry

The Ghanaian government is to deliver on its promise plough GH¢39m (£6.1m) into its poultry industry, to help create jobs and stimulate growth in the sector, said Deputy Minister of...

Walmart urges suppliers to cut use of livestock antibiotics

US retail giant Walmart Stores is urging its meat, dairy, seafood and egg suppliers to cut back on the use of antibiotics in their livestock, making it the first multiple...

ASF hits Polish pork exports to China

Without the elimination of African swine fever (ASF) in Poland, it is impossible to export pork to countries outside the European Union (EU), including China, according to a report by...

EU beef farmers call for European Commission help

European Union (EU) beef farmers have called for help in finding new markets to make up for the loss of exports to Russia in the wake of the crisis over...

Encouraging cattle weights seen in US

Cattle numbers in the US are on the up, but beef exports are continuing to be dragged down by a strong US dollar and high domestic beef prices, according to...

Concerns over spread of US bird flu

Reported cases of avian influenza in the US have now reached 156 in the past six months, making the current situation the most extensive outbreak of the disease ever reported...

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European animal welfare survey to launch this year

A Eurobarometer survey on animal welfare is to be launched by the European Commission in 2015, in the first survey of its kind since 2007.

Campaigners optimistic about organic welfare labelling progress at EU

Renewed calls for mandatory animal welfare food labelling have been made, following a debate on proposed European Union (EU) organic labelling rules at the EU Council of Ministers, in Brussels.

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Australia cattle association welcomes new budget

The Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) has said it welcomes the positive measures for cattle producers announced as part of the new Federal Budget, this week.

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Ecuador latest to impose nationwide ban on US poultry

The Ecuadorian agricultural authority Agrocalidad has banned all imports of live foul, poultry meat and poultry products, as well as genetic material, including chicks and hatching eggs, from the US,...

Pig and poultry meat to push up global production

World meat production is expected to increase by 1.3% this year, to 318.7 million tonnes (mt) according to the new report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United...

Brazilian beef industry keen to reduce Amazon rainforest destruction

The rise in "zero deforestation agreements" in Brazil has notably influenced the behaviour of ranchers and the slaughterhouses to which they sell, according to new research by the University of...

Denmark sees growth in organic pork segment

The retail price of organic pork products is continuing to climb in Denmark through strengthening consumer demand, driven in part by controversies surrounding animal welfare on conventional Danish pig farms

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Bird flu investment pledged to British Columbia poultry producers

Combined funding of up to CA$1.58m is to be awarded to poultry producers in British Columbia, Canada.

Moldova sees meat production rise despite cuts in state support

Meat production in Moldova increased by 7%, to 35,000 tonnes (t), in the first quarter of 2015, according to a recent report from the National Bureau of Statistics.