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Livestock are the building blocks of the meat industry, and with world production numbers declining overall, the issue is starting to take centre stage on a global level.

Swedish pig farmers call for state support

03-Mar-2014 - The Swedish government is to discuss "practical" initiatives to support Sweden’s high-cost pig farming sector, which is struggling to compete with cheaper imported pigmeat products.

Ukraine crisis may have serious implications for the meat industry

03-Mar-2014 - Russia has imposed a temporary ban on pork imports from Ukraine, claiming the unstable political situation in the country does not allow local veterinary services to properly monitor the quality of meat products being exported.

Continued calls for ban on live exports from UK port

28-Feb-2014 - UK animal welfare charity the RSPCA has succeeded in prompting a full enquiry into live animal exports from the port of Dover, as it calls for a nationwide ban.

Russia claims support from China and India over EU pork ban

28-Feb-2014 - Veterinary services in China and India are supporting the Russian ban on EU pork imports, according to Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor.

ASF situation in Russia continues to worsen

28-Feb-2014 - While the first outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) have now been registered in the eastern part of the European Union, in Russia, where the disease has raged for six years, veterinary specialists predict a further deterioration of the situation in 2014.

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US poultry firm reveals Q1 sales drop

27-Feb-2014 - US poultry processor Sanderson Farms announced a year-on-year sales drop of 1.8% to $584.9m, in its trading update for the first quarter ended 31 January 2014.

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US wholesale pork price predicted to rise 6%

27-Feb-2014 - Wholesale pork prices are predicted to increase 5.5-6.5%, according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) latest Producer Price Index (PPI).

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National Beef to close Californian site

26-Feb-2014 - The National Beef Packing Company is to close its Californian processing facility in April.

Spain buys 1.5m vaccine doses for bluetongue

26-Feb-2014 - Spain’s veterinary organisation is promising a tough response to a fresh outbreak of bluetongue disease in Spanish livestock.

African swine fever to impact 2014 pig prices

26-Feb-2014 - The EU pigmeat market is likely to have seen "significant downwards demand", following Russia’s ban on imports after African swine fever (ASF) was discovered in Lithuania, according to a leading industry analyst.

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Australia sees tightening of NZ lamb imports

25-Feb-2014 - Exports of New Zealand (NZ) lamb have tightened following high levels of drought-induced turn-off earlier last year, according to new figures from Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).

Claims over supply of GMO-free soy refuted

25-Feb-2014 - A number of associations have come together to refute claims made by the German Poultry Association (ZDG) regarding a lack of GMO-free soy coming out of Brazil.

Low prices and gloomy outlook for China’s pigs

25-Feb-2014 - It is proving a gloomy start to the year for China’s pig producers, with low prices for hogs continuing to dog the sector. The latest data from the Department of Agriculture in Beijing showed that, as of 12 February, the national average price of RMB13.23/kg was down 0.8% on the previous week, but down 19.4% year on year. At RMB23.19/kg pork prices were down 13.1% year on year and 0.8% on the previous week.

Russia restores US turkey imports

25-Feb-2014 - From 24 February, Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor lifted restrictions on the supply of turkey meat from the USA, said service spokesman Alexei Alexeenko.

Danish Muslims and Jews hit back at non-stun ban

24-Feb-2014 - Denmark’s Halal and Jewish societies must now rely on meat imports after the government announces a ban on non-stun meat products for animal welfare reasons.

MEPS attack Commission’s animal cloning proposals as too weak

24-Feb-2014 - The European Commission’s proposals to ban the farming of cloned animals and the sale of their meat came under fire yesterday from MEPs, who thought the European Union (EU) should take tougher action to prevent cloning.

EU countries achieve initial breakthrough on Russia’s pork import ban

21-Feb-2014 - Six European Union (EU) countries have proposed the introduction of a temporary veterinary certificate in order to resume supplies of pork to Russia, recently limited due to outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in Lithuania and Poland.

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UK pork exports hit record since 2000

21-Feb-2014 - UK pork exports for last year hit record high since 2000, exceeding 256,000 tonnes (t) with a value of over £325m.

Infection fall positive in battle against Campylobacter

21-Feb-2014 - European food safety leaders have reported the first fall in human cases of campylobacteriosis in five years.

Ukraine’s MHP looks beyond Russia for export

21-Feb-2014 - A leading Ukraine meat supplier has announced a switch in strategy to reduce its exposure to the volatile Russian poultry market.

Denmark bans non-stun slaughter

20-Feb-2014 - A ban on non-stun slaughter has come into force in Denmark as the country’s government says “animal rights come before religion”.

US supplier recalls products “unfit for human food”

20-Feb-2014 - Giant US supplier Rancho Feeding Corporation has recalled approximately 8.7m pounds of products due to processing “diseased and unsound animals”, according to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

Brussels to initiate second hunt for horsemeat

20-Feb-2014 - The European Commission is to coordinate a second set of DNA tests this spring, similar to those conducted last year, following the horsemeat mislabelling scandal, with the results being published by the end of July.

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First donkey abattoir in Africa sparks outrage

20-Feb-2014 - Kenya is due to host Africa’s very first donkey slaughterhouse, as a response to an ever-growing Chinese demand for donkey meat.

Tulip readies for blossoming trade with China

19-Feb-2014 - Anglo-Danish meat giant Tulip has announced what it described as “ambitious” plans to build upon its trade links with the Chinese pigmeat sector.


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