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Major reductions in pig population forecast for Latvia and Estonia

Latvia and Estonia could almost halve the volume of pork they produce in the next few years, as both countries find themselves unable to halt the spread of African swine...

Iceland concerned over impact of EU deals

Icelandic farmers are worried that two key trade agreements with the European Union (EU) will result in an influx of imported processed meat products - offsetting potential gains in increasing...

Flooding costs farmers NZ$70m

Flooding on New Zealand’s north island in June cost the farming industry NZ$70 million, a report published by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has estimated. 

Argentinian broiler production on the rise

Broiler production in Argentina is expected to reach a record 2.1 million metric tons (mmt) in 2016, fuelled by growth in exports, according to a new US Department of Agriculture...

New pig vaccine developed by Ceva Sante Animale

A new vaccine targeting the pig respiratory condition porcine pneumonia has been launched by global animal health company, Ceva Sante Animale. 

Turkey’s poultry exports drop in 2015

Turkey’s poultry exports have decreased by 50% so far in 2015 following speculation over potential bird flu cases and escalating terror attacks in its export markets, according to senior industry...

Beef + Lamb NZ chief executive to step down

Dr Scott Champion is due to step down from his position as chief executive and to leave Beef + Lamb New Zealand at the end of March 2016, following 10...

Iran may restore beef imports after last year’s drop

Iran saw a threefold drop in beef imports, due to a rise in domestic production, according to a recent report from the country’s government. 

Livestock virus returns to menace Europe

Bluetongue disease has been reported in France, Romania and Hungary in the first outbreaks in the EU since 2011 and in France since 2010.

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Faisal Feeds commissions new hatchery

Pakistan-based Faisal Feeds, an independent feed and broiler farm operation, has commissioned a new hatchery equipped with six new setters and hatchers from SmartPro, a range of products supplied by...

Tyson Foods accused of abuse at Texas plant

Tyson Foods has been accused of using “cruel and illegal” practices at a chicken abattoir in Texas by an animal rights group that filmed undercover at the plant in Carthage.

New Zealand levy to continue following referendum

Beef + Lamb New Zealand, the country’s industry levy board, has received overwhelming support to continue operations following a referendum. 

Antimicrobial guidance published by European Commission

Guidance on curbing the overuse and misuse of antibiotics in livestock rearing across the EU, including the injection of eggs by poultry producers, has been released by the European Commission...

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Suspected cattle rustlers killed by Nigerian army

Nigerian army officials say troops have killed 11 suspected cattle rustlers in a crackdown on theft of cattle in Katsina and other states.

Iranian investors launch largest slaughterhouse in Armenia

A group of Iranian investors has commissioned a major slaughterhouse near Masis city in the Ararat region of Armenia. 

MEPs call on European Commission to issue new animal welfare strategy

European Commissioners have been urged to publish a new animal welfare strategy for the period 2016-2020. 

Livestock virus hits Ontario for first time

Bluetongue has been discovered in Canada, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has reported. 

Bangladesh wants to boost cattle trade with India

The Bangladesh government is developing proposals to boost the Bangladesh-India cattle trade by allowing sales at border markets (called haats), after Indian authorities curbed livestock smuggling.

McDonald's faces criticism after animal welfare video

Tyson Foods has shunned a Tennessee farm producing chicken for McDonald’s McNuggets after an animal rights group posted gruesome footage online depicting birds being clubbed and stabbed with a spiked...

Massachusetts groups unite against intensive farming

Animal rights groups in Massachusetts are joining forces to campaign for a state-wide vote to ban several intensive farming practices.

Beef farmers contest 'vague' water management law

Cattlemen are hotly contesting a rule that will give the US Environmental Protection Agency authority over all waterways in the US is set to come into effect on August 28.

Poland, Baltics seek more cash for swine fever battle

The Baltic States and Poland are seeking more cash from the European Commission (EC) to help fight African swine fever (ASF), according to Kaspars Funts, a representative of Latvia’s Ministry of Agriculture....

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Iowa lifts bird flu quarantine areas

Traffic in Iowa around farms affected by bird flu can once again move freely, after the state agriculture secretary lifted all remaining movement bans in the quarantine areas set up...

Nyanga slaughter site in the works

The sight of meat traders slaughtering animals in the street may soon come to an end in the Cape Town district of Nyanga, South Africa, after city officials and the...

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New Australian abattoir on the search for cattle

The Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) is searching for available cattle to be processed at its new abattoir near Darwin.

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