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Halal opportunities discussed at Mexican congress

16-Apr-2014 - Demand for halal meat is expected to increase, alongside the growing demand for beef, according to Doctor Muhammad Munir Chaudry, president of The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

US-based racial harmony organisation calls on Denmark to withdraw non-stun slaughter ban

03-Apr-2014 - US-based non-profit organisation Foundation for Ethical Understanding (FFEU) has called on the Danish government to reverse its decision to ban non-stun slaughter.

Danish Muslims and Jews hit back at non-stun ban

24-Feb-2014 - Denmark’s Halal and Jewish societies must now rely on meat imports after the government announces a ban on non-stun meat products for animal welfare reasons.

Denmark bans non-stun slaughter

20-Feb-2014 - A ban on non-stun slaughter has come into force in Denmark as the country’s government says “animal rights come before religion”.

Norwegian minister pushes for international trade

14-Feb-2014 - Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food Sylvi Listhaug is pushing for more international trade and export, despite warnings that it could compromise animal welfare standards.

News in brief

UK competition recognises businesses investing in future

22-Jan-2014 - A UK competition at this year’s Foodex show aims to recognise investments and innovation by food and drink manufacturers that helped to lift the UK economy out of the recession.

MEPs call for mandatory labelling of non-stunned meat

22-Nov-2013 - Eight MEPs have tabled a Written Declaration to the European Parliament, calling for compulsory method of slaughter labelling on animals that have not been pre-stunned.

Anuga 2013 in pictures

17-Oct-2013 - Anuga 2013 proved a huge success with visitors from across the globe flocking to see the latest trends across the food and drink industry. Meat was no exception, and with exhibitors across more than two halls, there was plenty for visitors to see.

News in brief

International halal workshop

07-Oct-2013 - The Halal Research Council is to hold an international workshop on halal meat in Dubai on 8 October.

Anuga Special

Meat centre stage at world's largest trade fair

25-Sep-2013 - With the worldwide consumption of meat growing, the international meat trade will be travelling to Germany next month to take part in one of the world’s largest food trade fairs.

Special report

Pakistan: lost opportunity for halal exports

12-Aug-2013 - Pakistan meat sector executives believe their export sector is underperforming, failing especially to seize sales in affluent international halal markets.

The Netherlands pushes for labels on non-stun meat

17-Jul-2013 - The Dutch government has been using diplomatic pressure to push for a European Union (EU) law ordering that halal and kosher meat is specially labelled when from livestock slaughtered without stunning.

Poland rejects non-stun slaughter

16-Jul-2013 - Poland’s parliament has infuriated religious groups and the meat industry by rejecting a bill that would have legalised slaughter without stunning for kosher and halal meat.

Global demand for halal meat on the rise

25-Jun-2013 - The global halal meat market has reached $300bn in volume sales, according to the Halal Research Council (HRC).

Russia gains halal self-sufficiency

25-Jun-2012 - Russia reached self-sufficiency in halal meat production last year and exported halal poultry for the first time in its history, statistics have revealed.

News in brief

UK ingredients company gets halal certification

19-Apr-2012 - Meat ingredients specialist BHJ UK Protein Foods has secured halal certification for its SCANPRO Beef 95 functional protein ingredient.

Worldwide halal certification standard created

16-Apr-2012 - An eminent group of UK halal scholars have created a new Shariah-compliant halal certification scheme for the food industry, which they hope will be adopted as a worldwide standard.

Ritual slaughter blamed for rise in E.coli and Campylobacter cases

05-Apr-2012 - French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has declared that the rise in Campylobacter and E.coli cases in Europe was “directly related” to an alleged increase in ritual slaughterings, which she called a “sanitary bomb”.

Halal controversy spreads to Quebec

16-Mar-2012 - Canadian Parti Québécois (PQ) deputy André Simard has asked the province’s assembly to give a public report on ritual slaughter by 23 March, arguing that halal meat is being sold without consumers’ knowledge.

EU non-stun derogation system criticised

09-Mar-2012 - A relaxed attitude to ritual slaughter in some EU member states has led to systematic slaughtering without stunning, regardless of consumer need, according to EU welfare experts.

Focus on New Zealand

Changing landscape for New Zealand exports

08-Mar-2012 - The EU is still New Zealand’s most important export market for chilled lamb, but the balance is shifting as the country opens up new avenues.

French industry responds on halal controversy

06-Mar-2012 - The French cattle and meat industry association INTERBEV has released a statement to put an end to the political row started by far-right candidate Marine Le Pen on halal meat.

French butchers call for mandatory halal labelling

24-Feb-2012 - French craft butchers have asked for national and European regulation to make halal labelling mandatory following a transparency controversy in the Paris region.

French presidential candidate sparks halal row

22-Feb-2012 - Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has sparked controversy by declaring all the meat consumed in the Paris region was halal.

Saudi Arabia calls for tighter regulations on halal importers

20-Feb-2012 - Saudi Arabia has called on all non-Muslim countries which export halal products to tighten their adherence to Islamic regulations, and has requested that an approved set of guidelines be drawn up to help importers ensure these are being met.


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