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ASF situation in Russia continues to worsen

28-Feb-2014 - While the first outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) have now been registered in the eastern part of the European Union, in Russia, where the disease has raged for six years, veterinary specialists predict a further deterioration of the situation in 2014.

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US wholesale pork price predicted to rise 6%

27-Feb-2014 - Wholesale pork prices are predicted to increase 5.5-6.5%, according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) latest Producer Price Index (PPI).

US agricultural group to visit Middle East and Europe

27-Feb-2014 - A trade mission made of agricultural leaders from around the US is en route to the Middle East and Europe in a bid to develop further export opportunities for beef, pork and lamb.

African swine fever to impact 2014 pig prices

26-Feb-2014 - The EU pigmeat market is likely to have seen "significant downwards demand", following Russia’s ban on imports after African swine fever (ASF) was discovered in Lithuania, according to a leading industry analyst.

Low prices and gloomy outlook for China’s pigs

25-Feb-2014 - It is proving a gloomy start to the year for China’s pig producers, with low prices for hogs continuing to dog the sector. The latest data from the Department of Agriculture in Beijing showed that, as of 12 February, the national average price of RMB13.23/kg was down 0.8% on the previous week, but down 19.4% year on year. At RMB23.19/kg pork prices were down 13.1% year on year and 0.8% on the previous week.

Meat products recalled by Santa Maria Foods

24-Feb-2014 - Approximately 8,895lb of meat products are to be recalled by Canadian firm Santa Maria Foods Corporation, after it was found they had been imported without inspection.

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Unilever sells meat snack brands US firm

24-Feb-2014 - A leading FMCG giant has announced a move to sell off its meat snacks operations to a US rival.

EU countries achieve initial breakthrough on Russia’s pork import ban

21-Feb-2014 - Six European Union (EU) countries have proposed the introduction of a temporary veterinary certificate in order to resume supplies of pork to Russia, recently limited due to outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in Lithuania and Poland.

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UK pork exports hit record since 2000

21-Feb-2014 - UK pork exports for last year hit record high since 2000, exceeding 256,000 tonnes (t) with a value of over £325m.

Denmark bans non-stun slaughter

20-Feb-2014 - A ban on non-stun slaughter has come into force in Denmark as the country’s government says “animal rights come before religion”.

US supplier recalls products “unfit for human food”

20-Feb-2014 - Giant US supplier Rancho Feeding Corporation has recalled approximately 8.7m pounds of products due to processing “diseased and unsound animals”, according to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

Tulip readies for blossoming trade with China

19-Feb-2014 - Anglo-Danish meat giant Tulip has announced what it described as “ambitious” plans to build upon its trade links with the Chinese pigmeat sector.

Poland posts record pork exports for 2013

19-Feb-2014 - Poland reported record exports of pork in 2013, according to data from the state-run Agricultural Market Agency (ARR). The country’s meat processors exported some 438,000 tonnes (t) of pork last year, an increase of 19% compared with a year earlier. In 2013, the revenues generated by Polish pork exports rose 18.8% to €912m (US$1.25bn).

Poland reports losses due to ban on pork exports to Russia

18-Feb-2014 - Poland’s meat industry has reported huge losses because of Russia’s recent restrictions on pork imports from the EU, following the recent outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in Lithuania. Last week, Polskie Mieso – the Polish Association of Meat Producers, Exporters and Importers – sent an open letter to Prime Minister Donald Tusk with a request to address the situation urgently.

EC warns of serious consequences of Russian pork import ban

18-Feb-2014 - A Russian ban on European pork imports is having serious consequences, the European Union (EU) health commissioner Tonio Borg warned last night (Monday) in Brussels. “The price of meat in Europe is going down and the price of meat in Russia is going up,” he told journalists after an EU Council of Ministers agricultural meeting. “There has been a 35-40% increase in the price of pork in Russia,” he added, insisting that it was in the “mutual interest” of the EU and Russia to reach a solution as soon as possible – to stop the ban from harming consumers, the economy and the agricultural sector overall.

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BRC appoints two new local contacts

18-Feb-2014 - BRC Global Standards has announced two new members to its American team, who will act as local contact points in Mexico and Uruguay.

Brussels tightens controls on Russian and Belarus livestock lorries

17-Feb-2014 - The European Commission has intensified its diplomatic struggle with Russia over Moscow’s import ban on European Union (EU) pigmeat exports, tightening health controls on Russian and Belarus livestock lorries entering the EU.

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Beyond the BRIC… looking to the MINT

14-Feb-2014 - Whenever the phrase ‘emerging’ economies is used, the acronym BRIC is usually quite close behind. However, on consideration, the BRIC markets have stepped beyond ‘emerging’ and are actually seeing a slowdown in the momentum of their growth. The gap left behind needs to be filled, so let me introduce you to the MINTs (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey). Developed by the former Goldman Sachs economist, Jim O’Neill – the original creator of the term BRICs – the MINTs are set to be the new buzzword for emerging economies.

Norwegian minister pushes for international trade

14-Feb-2014 - Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food Sylvi Listhaug is pushing for more international trade and export, despite warnings that it could compromise animal welfare standards.

Ukraine may face pig production crisis

14-Feb-2014 - Ukraine could face a collapse in pork prices this year due to oversupply, which is already taking its toll on the market, said the Association of Pig Producers of Ukraine. This, in turn, could lead to a crisis in pig production, it added, predicting that, by the summer, pork prices will drop 25% compared to the current level. This, it said, could result in bankruptcy for dozens of businesses.

Russian President called to intervene in EU pork import ban

13-Feb-2014 - The largest Russian meat processors have sent an open letter to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, with a request to lift recently implemented restrictions on EU pork imports. According to them, this step has already resulted in “a catastrophic situation” on the market.

EC to consider additional laws on animal welfare

13-Feb-2014 - European Commission officials are already considering whether to propose additional livestock welfare laws or guidelines, over and above the Commission’s May 2013 proposals for an animal welfare regulation that is now being considered by the European Parliament.

EU health commissioner blasts Russians over ‘unjustified’ pigmeat export ban

12-Feb-2014 - The European Union’s (EU) health commissioner has blasted Russia for maintaining a ban on EU pigmeat exports because of two sick Lithuanian wild boars, when weak Russian health controls could have caused these illnesses anyway.

EU concessions on meat needed in US negotiations, says official

12-Feb-2014 - The European Union (EU) will have to make concessions on meat in its negotiations with the US for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a senior European Commission official warned last night (Tuesday).

Ethiopia tries to crack down on livestock black market

11-Feb-2014 - Ethiopia’s large livestock industry is set to undergo a shake-up following a new livestock trading bill, passed on 21 January. The new law, due to be enforced in March, is designed to tighten Ethiopia’s livestock market, increasing its efficiency and value by eliminating middle-men, unregulated animal markets and illegal cross-border trades.


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