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News headlines

Argentina opens borders to US pork

For the first time since 1992, Argentina will allow US pork to enter the market. 

Belarus plots reforms to expensive meat subsidies

Belarus plans to reform its profligate state support scheme, backing its domestic meat industry, with the aim of making it more efficient and profitable, according to a spokesperson for the country’s President Alexander Lukashenko. 

Booming Asian mega farms are an ‘economic risk’

Investors should not get overexcited by the risky Asian meat industry as booming production may not translate to soaring profits, a FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return) Initiative report has claimed.

Smithfield Foods buys Kansas City Sausage Company

Smithfield Foods Inc has announced the full acquisition of sausage producer and processor Kansas City Sausage Company.

UK and China sign £200m pork export deal

The UK has signed a new export deal with China to supply pork products.

CCTV to be mandatory in English slaughterhouses

The British government has announced plans to make CCTV mandatory in all abattoirs in England.


Lab-grown meat firm in talks to license tech

Hampton Creek has confirmed the Silicon Valley start-up is in talks to license its lab-grown meat technology to some of the world’s biggest meat companies.

News in brief

US firm introduces antibiotic-free pork range

Giant Food, based in Landover, Maryland, has launched a new ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ private brand of pork products. 

Czech government buys pig farm on Holocaust site

Czech pig breeder AGPI a.s. has agreed to sell its pig farm in Lety to the country’s government for an undisclosed sum.

Kerry Group sees half-year revenue growth

New technology and acquisitions, particularly in the Americas, by the Kerry Group has seen a growth in revenue for the first half of the year.

Disney pays $177m in ‘pink slime’ defamation case

Walt Disney has reportedly paid $177 million to settle a ‘pink slime’ lawsuit against its subsidiary American Broadcasting Company (ABC) for a story it ran in 2012 that allegedly defamed Beef Products Inc.

US audit questions Canadian meat inspection

A US Department of Agriculture (USDA) audit of Canadian meat, poultry and egg inspection systems has raised "significant questions" that “need to be addressed”.

Spam maker to expand factory and create 380 jobs

A subsidiary of Hormel Foods, the company behind canned meat Spam, plans to expand its manufacturing plant in Kansas, US, adding up to 380 jobs.

Ukraine pig herd dented by ASF

Ukraine has lost 11% of its domestic pig herd due to African swine fever (ASF) since the epidemic hit the county in 2014, according to Maxim Martynyuk, the country’s acting Agriculture and Food Minister.

Mini kabanoski in a cup hits Polish grocery shelves for the first time

Meat processor ZM Henryk Kania has launched mini cocktail sausages and kabanoski packaged in cups – the latter of which has not been seen before in Poland, the company has claimed.

Unlabelled meat found in one in five sausages

One in five sausages from Canadian grocery stores tested by researchers contains meat that does not appear on the label.

Meat export crisis averted as dockworkers agree contract extension

US meat exporters shipping goods through West Coast ports let out a sigh of relief after dockworkers extended contracts, putting to bed fears of crippling cargo delays. 

JBS hires former USDA food safety chief

Brazilian meatpacker JBS has appointed the former head of the US government’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to overhaul meat quality control, following earlier claims of unhygienic standards.

Tyson Foods condemns ‘misleading characterisation’

A report from environmental group Mighty Earth, which targeted Tyson Foods for allegedly heavily contributing towards a large ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf of Mexico, has been condemned by the meat company. 

Russian struggle against GMO feed hurts meat business

Russian sanitary watchdog Rospotrebnadzor plans to improve the country’s control over genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the domestic food and feed market, according to a government plan on food quality improvement.

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