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Horsemeat: learning the lessons of an avoidable crisis

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The horsemeat crisis has cost the British food industry millions of pounds but what lessons have been learnt? To answer that question, this free, one-hour webinar  –  Horsemeat: learning the lessons of an avoidable crisis  – starting at 11am on Thursday May 16 will arm delegates with the latest news and views on the crisis that did untold damage to the reputations of many in the UK food industry.
To help identify how food firms can protect themselves from similar food contamination problems, Food Manufacture and event sponsor business law firm DWF have assembled an expert panel of speakers. They include Andrew Rhodes, director of operations at the Food Standards Agency, Professor Tony Hines, head of food security and crisis management at Leatherhead Food Research and Hilary Ross, partner with  DWF.
Topics will include how to strengthen weak links in the meat supply chain, how science, technology and regulation can protect food manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and consumers and the latest developments in the regulatory framework.
The focus will be placed firmly on solutions for the future, rather than the problems of the past.


  • Andrew Rhodes

    Director of Operations

    Food Standards Agency

  • Hilary Ross


    Business law firm DWF

  • Kiti Soininen

    Manager, UK food and drink research team


  • Mike Stones

    Mike Stones Group editor

    Food Manufacture

  • Tony Hines

    Head of food security and crisis management

    Leatherhead Food Research (LFR)