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Let's Get to the Meat of the Matter–How x-ray technology measures fat accurately, improves yields and enhances product quality

Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar
Related applications: Beef , Pork , Lamb , Poultry , Game

What is the variability of your fat content and why should you care? If you work for a slaughterhouse or meat processor, you can't afford not to! After all, it directly impacts your profit margin. X-ray equipment uses DEXA technology to discriminate between fat and lean for 100% of meat throughput, providing Chemical Lean (CL) measurements to better than 1CL accuracy.

This webinar explains how x-ray fat analysis works, the advantages and disadvantages of various analysis methods and provides you with a useful checklist to assess fat analysis suppliers and evaluate the total cost of ownership.


  • Kassandra Bidot

    Kassandra Bidot

    Marketing Communications Specialist

    Eagle Product Inspection

  • Michael Stuart

    Michael Stuart

    Global Product Specialist Fat Analysis

    Eagle Product Inspection

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