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Major minced meat packing project produces over 30 improvements

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How long does it take your packing line to produce 1200 packs?

Can you beat 15 minutes?

That’s how long it takes for a major meat producer’s new integrated packing line to take 1200kg of minced meat from the extruders and deliver fully labelled and quality-controlled one kilo packs, layered into Eurocrates.

The line has been running for nearly a year now, and during that time no seal-defective trays have been rejected by the customer, a leading supermarket chain. What’s more, this excellent line performance, supported by an efficient supply chain, has been able to deliver a nine-day shelf life.

Overall Equipment Efficiency has never been below 80% and sometimes reaches 90%.

So, as you can see, there are clear benefits in having an integrated packing line solution from Ishida – a single-source manufacturer with single supplier design and project management.

If you’d like to know how we achieved this, please read the case study.

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