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Money and Time Saving - Alternative Methods for Food Safety: Definitions and Regulations

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Alternative methods can perfectly be used in food pathogen testing; they reduce the time to result, costs and save labor time. They have to be validated according ISO 16140 in Europe, AOAC-RI in North America, and certified by a third part. Most of Asian countries allowed food testing laboratories to use these methods. During this presentation, you will learn about regulatory aspects and the different steps to get a validation and description of examples for alternative methods giving results in 1 or 2 days.


  • Frederic Martinez

    Frédéric Martinez

    Food Microbiology International Group Product Manager

    Bio-Rad Laboratories, France

  • Valentine Digonnet

    Valentine Digonnet

    AFNOR VALIDATION Scheme Manager

    AFNOR Group

  • Wendy Lauer

    Wendy Lauer

    Senior Sales Product Manager

    Food Science Division, Bio-Rad Laboratories - USA