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Packaging: Extending Shelf Life forum

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Packaging: Extending Shelf Life forum

Packaging for meat and poultry products is an area that is constantly undergoing development and innovation. As well as ensuring that products travel from A to B in optimum condition, the packaging of a product is also integral to its shelf life, and its appeal to the end consumer. It is necessary, but needs to be both practical and appealing.

In this special Global Meat News webinar, we look at the latest innovations in packaging, focusing on shelf-life extension. Increasing the shelf life of the product is important in reducing wastage, and also maintaining the quality of the product. What are the latest methods and technologies available when it comes to shelf-life extension? What benefits can they bring? And how has the globalisation of the meat industry changed things?

  1. Market overview: A snapshot of some of the latest global developments in active and intelligent packaging
    Presenter: Andrew Streeter, director, CPS International & Innovatus
  2. When packaging goes wrong: universal lessons from UK case studies
    Presenter: Dr Slim Dinsdale, independent food industry consultant and head of FoodSafetyExperts
  3. Packaging science and materials: optimising packaging to maximise shelf-life
    Presenter: Jonathan de Roeck, European fresh red meat market manager, Sealed Air
  4. Antimicrobial film and its applications
    Presenter: Dr Peter Muranyi, head of the food quality and sensory acceptance business unit, Fraunhofer Institute IVV
  5. Q&A with panellists


  • Andrew Streeter

    Andrew Streeter


    CPS International and Innovātus

  • Jonathan de Roeck

    Jonathan de Roeck

    Service & Applications Manager

    Sealed Air Food Care

  • Peter Muranyi

    Peter Muranyi

    Manager Business Unit Food Quality and Sensory Acceptance

    Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV)

  • Rod Addy

    Rod Addy


    Global Meat News

  • Slim Dinsdale

    Slim Dinsdale

    Food Safety and Quality Consultant

    Head of FoodSafetyExperts Limited