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Targeting Flexitarians: Innovative Product Concepts

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Targeting Flexitarians: Innovative Product Concepts

Vegetarian and vegan products are becoming an increasingly important product segment, especially with regard to the continuously decreasing meat consumption in some markets.

Whereas just a few years ago only small companies offered their niche products, now major meat producers have extended their product range and present their veggie alternatives under the same brand and on the same shelves as their standard range.

The main target group is flexitarians, who have reduced their meat consumption but are unwilling to do without the familiar taste.

Hydrosol responds to this trend and offers innovative product concepts in the field of vegetarian and vegan alternatives, for example for hot dogs, cold cuts and sausages.


  • Casten Carstens

    Casten Carstens

    Head of Product Development Meat Products


  • Dorotea Pein

    Dorotea Pein

    Product Manager