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Chef cooks the world’s first lab-grown chicken

Oscar Rousseau

By Oscar Rousseau+

Last updated on 23-Mar-2017 at 13:13 GMT2017-03-23T13:13:54Z

Memphis Meat claimed to have 'made history' with its lab-grown chicken
Memphis Meat claimed to have 'made history' with its lab-grown chicken

Memphis Meats made headlines around the world with news that it had produced the world’s first lab-grown duck and chicken – now you can watch a video about the innovation. 

Start-up company Memphis Meats is the jewel of Silicon Valley and has published a video explaining how the company came to produce the first lab-grown duck and chicken products.

The company has already been able to make what it calls “clean meatballs ” – essentially, a meat product made without having to kill animals. It is a big deal in the meat industry.

Memphis Meats CEO and co-founder Uma Valeti said in the video that he was “proud” to launch the world’s first meat products grown with animal cells but without having to kill an animal. He said the company had “already made history” with its meatballs and was ready to do the same with its chicken and duck.

In this video, chef Derek Sarno gives a demonstration on how to cook with the lab-grown meat produced by Memphis Meats.

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