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Family sausage business expands product range

Oscar Rousseau

By Oscar Rousseau+


Flocchini sausages are all handmade in small batches at its plant in Nevada
Flocchini sausages are all handmade in small batches at its plant in Nevada

Flocchini Family Provisions, a US-based family sausage company with a rich Italian history, has launched a range of Certified Angus Beef sausages and frankfurters.

The family-owned business based in Carson City, Nevada, launched a five-strong range of sausages using Angus beef brisket and tri-tip (a cut below the sirloin) whole muscle cuts.

All of the handcrafted sausages are free-from nitrate and phosphates, with no added gluten or monosodium glutamate (MSG), made in small batches at the family-run factory in Carson City.

Certified Angus Beef has a sterling reputation that closely aligns with our own commitment to a high standard of quality with clean, unbeatable flavour,” said Chris Flocchini, CEO of Sierra Meat and Seafood, a vertically integrated processor, manufacturer and distributor of meat owned by the Flocchini family.

The release of this new line showcases what both of our brands do best,” he added.

Flocchini’s Certified Angus Beef range:

• Smoked Brisket Sausage
• Smoked Brisket Frank
• Smoked BBQ Tri-Tip Sausage
• Corned Beef Sausage
• Hot Link

Flocchini’s range of sausages will be available at selected retailers across the US this year.

Flocchini’s has been in the meat business since the 1930s, inspired by the family’s Italian heritage and early roots in San Francisco. In addition to its sister company Sierra Meat & Seafood, Flocchini’s also owns Durham Ranch, a third-generation bison farm in north-east Wyoming. The 55,000-acre plot of land is home to 5,000 bison. In addition to the Wyoming farm, Durham Ranch has 2,000 head of Wagyu cattle in Iowa.

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