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Grote claims payback with new slicer

By Ed Bedington , 05-Feb-2013

Slicing specialist Grote used the International Production & Processing Expo as the platform to launch the latest addition to its slicer range.

The company said the new system, the Log End Slicer, was specifically designed to tackle the issue of discarded log ends from high-speed deli meat log slicers.

A company spokesman said: “The Log End Slicer allows large-volume slicing operations to recover additional usable slices from every meat log sliced. It produces high-quality slices from transition pieces that would otherwise require rework, storage or manual slicing.”

The company said the system was completely portable and its guarding was hinged to allow easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

The spokesman added: “With more usable slices and no additional labour, the Log End Slicer offers slicing processors a tremendous payback opportunity.”

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