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Vegan ‘bleeding’ burger on Michelin-starred menu

Oscar Rousseau

By Oscar Rousseau+


The 'Impossible Burger' is made from wheat, coconut, potatoes and heme
The 'Impossible Burger' is made from wheat, coconut, potatoes and heme

Bill Gates-backed Silicon Valley start-up Impossible Foods will launch its ‘bleeding’ meat-free burger at two New York restaurants this week.

Impossible Foods believes it has created a meat-free burger that not only tastes exactly like beef, but also bleeds like a rare cut of animal protein. In other words, it is potentially a game-changer for the food industry.

Limited numbers of the burger have only been available in a handful of select restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco – the home of global tech hub Silicon Valley.

Impossible Foods will launch its new-fangled burger at two New York eateries today (2 February 2017): Michelin-starred restaurant Public, and Saxon + Parole.

Inspired by meat-free burgers

The burgers are in short supply and are only available at the restaurants on a first-come, first-served basis.

Public becomes the first Michelin-starred restaurant to serve the Impossible Burger . Brad Farmerie is the executive head chef of both restaurants.
It all starts with the ingredients,” said Farmerie. “As a chef, I get inspired by the flavours, textures and possibilities of unique foods, and the promise they have for taking me on a journey.

When I got a chance to cook with the Impossible Burger, my imagination was engaged. I was also drawn to the tremendous potential for plant-based meat to conserve our natural resources and protect our planet without compromising on taste.

Impossible Burger is ramping up production this year and will launch in more restaurants across the US, including multi-store chains. The burger is also primed for a retail launch, with it also set to be sold exclusively in key global markets.

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At Conserve natural resources

What diet are you on, the energy and feed needed to make a kg of animal protein compared to a kg of plant protein is huge.

If you like animal proteinn so be it but dont dise the project based on conserving natural resources that is just mathematically naive

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Posted by Gordon Edwards
20 February 2017 | 02h182017-02-20T02:18:21Z

Meat Technologist

Agree with both of you guys! How many e numbers are in those kind of products? Nobody counts. I suppose that all of them have been produced "naturally ". We can make products without e numbers, they can't! I'm not eating meat once a week and I don't need something which look and taste like meat. I just eat fruits and vegetables!

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Posted by Nenad Nikolic
07 February 2017 | 11h222017-02-07T11:22:27Z

Conserve Natural Resources - Rubbish

How is it possible to conserve natural resources with a vegan or vegetarian diet. Think of the water, herbicides and pesticides that will have to be used to obtain more green crops and grain crops. How about if more poly tunnels are used. Hardly friendly to birds, insects and small mammals are they. Whereas naturally fed pasture raised beef, dairy and lamb ticks all the boxes for soil health, the environment and provides food for insects which in turn provide food for birds and small mammals. fits the bill for all, plus the food is full of nutritious Amino Acids, vitamins and minerals. How can artificial food grown in artificial conditions compete with that?

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Posted by DM
03 February 2017 | 19h042017-02-03T19:04:13Z

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