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Sandvik re-affirms the benefits of metal

By Ed Bedington , 06-Feb-2013

A steel conveyor manufacturer is leading a fight back against the plastic competition in a bid to remind industry of the benefits of metal.

Sandvik was at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta last week and is hoping to take back some market share from its plastic competitors, according to the company’s Staffan Karlsson.

“We still believe we have the best product, but in recent years we took our eye off the market. We need to get some market share back and there’s no doubt that we have an advantage, we just need to convince the market.”

He said a steel conveyor, although initially costing more than the plastic alternative, would “last forever if you take care of it”. He also pointed out that downtime was reduced and cleaning easier.

Steel would also help reduce the risk of contaminants, he added, cutting the chance of any plastic materials ending up in the finished product and forcing a potential recall.

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