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Russia to launch turkey supplies to the EU

Poultry farm JSC Krasnobor has become the first Russian company to be accredited to supply turkey meat products to the European Union (EU), according to a statement from Russian veterinary...

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Cherkizovo to take on pork complex

Russian meat manufacturer and processor Cherkizovo Group has acquired a pork complex in the Lipetsk Region of the country for RUB250 million.

EU food safety commissioner appeals for solidarity on Russian ban

The European Union (EU) health and food safety commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis has called for solidarity between EU countries in dealing with the Russian ban on exports of EU pig and...

Global antimicrobial use forecast to rise more than 60%

Antimicrobial consumption in food animals is predicted to increase by as much as 67% by 2030 to more than 105,000 tons, according to a new research paper .

Russian beef ‘cluster’ will launch exports to Asia and the UAE in 2015

In 2015, Russia will make its first deliveries of beef abroad from Europe’s largest cluster of cattle, being reared in the Bryansk and Kaliningrad Oblasts, according to a spokesperson for...

Miratorg sees hike in profits as market structure evolves

Russian agricultural giant and one of the largest meat producers in the country, Miratorg, reported a 38% jump in revenue year-on-year to RUB74.06 billion (US$1.23 billion), which is a record...

Russia to launch halal poultry exports in 2015

Russia is getting ready to launch exports of halal poultry products to the Middle East in the coming months, Russian veterinary body Rosselkhoznadzor has announced. The first deliveries will be...

Russia looks to boost lamb production in Crimea

Russia is considering creating a large cluster of facilities to rear sheep breeds for meat in Crimea, as part of a project to develop agriculture in the peninsula, according to...

Russia blocks supplies of poultry meat from Ukraine to third countries

Russian veterinary body Rosselkhoznadzor has refused the transit of 37 tonnes (t) of poultry from several Ukraine poultry farms to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, due to issues with veterinary certificates.

Russia suggests mitigating food embargo for Greece and Hungary

Following the announcement by Russia’s deputy prime minister Arkady Dvorkovich that his government was considering ways to mitigate the food embargo, imposed in August last year, for a number of...

Russia sees unprecedented fall in meat imports

Despite trade agreements with new suppliers, imports of meat to Russia dropped fivefold in January, according to official statistics. The report, from the Russian Business Consulting Agency, said the main...

Indian meat exporters optimistic over Russian opportunities

India is to begin exports of meat and dairy products to Russia by mid-2015, with the first shipments of buffalo meat due to take place in the coming months, according...

Argentina looks to boost market access for beef

The Argentine Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries recently held a beef market access working group meeting, as it looks to make further progress this year.

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Cherkizovo progresses with development of turkey project

Russian meat giant Cherkizovo has taken delivery of its first equipment consignment for its Tambov Turkey project.

Norwegian company to launch pig farm in Russia

Norwegian-based company Russian Baltic Pork Invest (RBPI) will open a large pig farm in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, with a major investment in biosecurity at the new facility, according to...

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Global pig market expected to return to “something like normal”

While prices across Europe have been spiralling downwards, the global pork market is expected to return to "something like normal", except for the situation with Russia, according to Stephen Howarth,...

Pork import ban to remain for Baltic States and Poland

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will not be able to resume supplies of pork to the Russian market for at least three years, according to Russian veterinary body Rosselkhoznadzor.

Russian meat giant will supply beef to McDonald’s

Russian agricultural holding Miratorg has signed a contract to supply beef for the production of McDonald’s burgers from its recently created cluster of beef facilities in Bryansk and Kaliningrad Oblast,...

Lithuania eyes increase in meat exports to Muslim countries

The approval of non-stun slaughter in the second half of 2014 should open the doors for Lithuanian producers to increase their business with Muslim countries.

Brussels says EU united in food ban talks with Russia

The European Commission stood by its position on Friday (30 January) that the European Union (EU) member states were united regarding talks with Russia about the possible lifting of the...

Russian meat company’s prices jump after import ban

Russian meat manufacturer Cherkizovo Group has seen the average sale price of pork increase by 47% in 2014, helped by import restrictions on EU meat.

Mexico restricts beta-agonists in bid to reopen Russian market

Mexico has fulfilled demands from Russian veterinary service Rosselkhoznadzor and refrained from using beta-agonists in its meat production, in the hope that it could lead to the reopening of the...

Cherkizovo launches new healthy eating range

Russian manufacturer Cherkizovo has launched a new line of ready-to-cook chicken products that can be prepared in a steamer or slow cooker.

Russia set to do U-turn on EU pork ban

Exports of European pork could well be making their way to Russia again, following successful talks between EU and Russian officials last week.

Russian region plans large poultry plant

A major poultry production plant is to be built in Volgograd Oblast, in the south of Russia, according to officials from the region.