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Innovation ‘vital’ to meet growing protein demand

Empowering meat producers and farmers with the latest technology is key to meet soaring demand for meat, which is expected to rise in conjunction to the global population, according to...

Are US chicken labels confusing?

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are left scratching their heads over the perceived ambiguity of poultry labelling, according to a new UK survey.

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Beyond Meat to unveil 'the first plant-based burger that will be placed in the meat counter'

Beyond Meat – the California-based maker of plant-based ‘meat’ – is preparing to test market what it claims is “the first plant-based burger that will be placed in the meat...

Peru approves US beef imports

The US trade mission to South America has kicked off positively after politicians successfully negotiated the removal of Peruvian trade barriers on US beef.

Bord Bía sends Irish beef to Obama for St Patrick’s Day

Ireland’s food board, Bord Bía, will promote food exports on St Patrick’s Day by sending top politicians, including US President Barack Obama, a box of Irish beef.

US in trade visit to TPP members Chile and Peru

Tom Vilsack, agriculture secretary for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), has led a trade mission of business delegates, including meat officials, to Chile and Peru with a view to...

Q&A with AHDB Pork analyst

Global pork prices are at their lowest levels in nearly eight years, according to a report from the UK levy board AHDB Pork. 

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Nestle meals recalled over glass contamination

A range of chicken pizzas and lasagnes have been recalled by Nestle USA after customers complained of finding small pieces of glass in their food. 

Devro entering tough period

Scottish manufacturer of sausage casings, Devro, is entering a period of “greatest operational risk”, according to the investment management firm Shore Capital.

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Rigid plastic packaging market to hit $188bn

A new report by London-based research firm Visiongain has said it expects the rigid plastic packaging market to reach $188bn by the end of this year.

Starbucks in meat muffin listeria recall

Coffee giant Starbucks has recalled its sausage, egg and cheese breakfast muffin from 250 US stores in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas over fears of listeria contamination. 

Pork price lowest in eight years

The falling price of pork experienced by key exporters from around the world has meant the average price of pork continued to fall in 2015, according to a market report...

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US and Canada recall spoiled nuggets

The US and Canada have recalled over 100,000lb of Maxi Canada chicken nuggets after customers discovered tiny pieces of metal in their meat.

IFFA: Say hola to the Novitool Amigo

Flexco, a US manufacturer of conveyor belts for the food processing industry, is to present an assembly line of meat processing equipment at IFFA 2016. 

Tough year for US pork ends on a high

Despite struggling for most of the year, exports of US pork ended a testing year on a good note trade growing by 3% in December, according to Pork Checkoff. 

Golden State Foods builds meat plant, politician vows to eat more burgers

US meat processor Golden State Foods has started construction on a new meat plant in Opelika, Alabama, with the state’s secretary of commerce, Greg Canfield, vowing to eat more burgers...

Cargill buys FPL’s beef processing site

International agri-foods business Cargill has announced its acquisition of FPL Food’s minced beef processing site in South Carolina, although the cost of the deal has not been disclosed.

US pork industry ready for antibiotic change

A survey on the attitudes held by US pork producers on impending regulatory changes to antibiotic use in intensive farming reveals the sector is ready for change.

US ends Dutch beef trade ban

America has ended a near two-decade embargo on beef imports from the Netherlands after the risk of mad cow disease was rendered “negligible” by US health officials. 

South Africa opens door to US pork

The United States’ National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) has welcomed the news that South Africa is now accepting pork exports from the US. 

BRF’s net income nearly doubles in a year

One of the world’s biggest foodservice companies, Brazil-based BRF, has announced a net income growth of 46% for last year, to R$3.1 billion.

US-EU free trade negotiations enter crucial stage

The US and the European Union have entered into a twelfth round of negotiations in Brussels over establishing non-tariff trade for a number of choice products, including processed meats.

US cattlemen call for action on TPP

The National Cattleman’s Beef Association (NCBA) has written to the US Senate calling for quick progress to be made over the ratification of the ambitious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. ...

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JBT buys X-ray food inspection company

Chicago-based company JBT Corporation has completed the acquisition of certain assets of Novus X-Ray, a provider of advanced X-ray food inspection systems, for an undisclosed fee.

Chicken company in ‘no antibiotics ever’ pledge

US poultry firm GNP Company will add two ethical stamps to its chicken packaging to inform potential buyers the chicken has never been fed antibiotics and was humanely treated during...

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