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The main point of contact between the industry and consumers, the trends coming through from retail affect everyone back down the chain. Processors and traders must stay up to date with the latest consumer habits or risk losing ground.

Fresh approach for Belgian meat

The willingness to explore new markets and flexibility has helped Belgium become the seventh-biggest exporter of pig meat in the world. Aidan Fortune examines the Belgian meat market.

Chinese conundrum for meat importers

China promises online sales bonanza for imported meat products, but brands warned to invest in marketing.

Whole Foods Market halts sale of rabbit

Whole Foods Market will stop selling rabbit meat in US stores after poor sales, animal welfare concerns and protests from groups squeamish over meat obtained from animals commonly kept as...

Australia launches enquiry into unlabelled halal meat

Australians are eating halal and kosher meat without knowing it, a senate inquiry has been told. 

Australian retailer fined for mislabelling bacon

Australian firm Conroy’s has been fined $10,200 after it was accused by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to have mislabelled Danish bacon as Australian.

Auchan to open meat plant in Russia

French retailer Auchan has announced plans to build a meat plant in Russia, following a veterinary scandal at the Russian arm of the retailer.

Organic meat demand soars in China

Demand for organic-certified meat is reaching fever pitch in China, with local firms battling for sales to consumers still worried about food safety, and a high-profile spat between two meat...

Halal boosts fresh meat performance

Demand for halal meat, an important feature of life across Muslim communities, is growing rapidly as the Muslim share of the global population has increased steadily and is projected to...

Danish Crown-Tican deal partially referred to competition authority

Danish Crown’s merger with Tican has been partially referred by the European Commission to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA) at its request. 

UK's Karro Food agrees deal with US chain Chipotle

US restaurant chain Chipotle has struck a deal to buy pork from UK-based Karro Food Group in a move driven by animal welfare concerns.

Russian companies react to food embargo extension

Russia’s meat industry could reap benefits from the extension of its food embargo, which will not directly increase prices on its domestic market, say market participants. 

Retail analysis: Russian Federation

With a population of 143.5 million people last year, Russia consumes approximately 9.8 million tonnes of meat per year, the equivalent of 68kg per capita, according to official data from...

McDonald’s to reduce pace of growth in Russia

The Russian division of McDonald’s is expected to open no more than 50-60 restaurants this year, down from 73 opened last year, according to a statement from the chief Russian...

Danish retailer pushes for tougher welfare standards

Supermarket chain Coop Danmark is pressing the Danish government to toughen standards required by a proposed animal welfare labelling scheme for retail meat and livestock products.

Chicken processor refutes whistleblower’s organic mislabelling claims

US poultry processing company Cericola Farms has vigorously denied allegations made by a former employee that it has been selling conventionally reared chicken products as organic.

Germans shunning meat, report reveals

Traditionally big meat eaters, young Germans are turning towards vegetarianism, a new study of 1,000 people aged over 16 from Mintel has revealed. 

High meat prices in Canada to continue

Canadian consumers will have to get used to higher meat prices, Sylvain Charlebois, a professor at the University of Guelph’s Food Institute has claimed. 

News in brief

Australian cattle prices hit record high

Australian beef-cattle prices are trading at record-high levels following strong demand especially from Asia, cattle owning company MP Evans said at its Annual General Meeting in London last week. 

Findus confirms Nomad sale talks

The Findus Group has confirmed that preliminary discussions are being held on an exclusive basis with Nomad Holdings Ltd regarding a potential sale of the...

Provenance of New Zealand foods overlooked

Not enough is being done to promote awareness of the country of origin on New Zealand products, with the result that many overseas consumers are unaware that their meat originates...

Walmart urges suppliers to cut use of livestock antibiotics

US retail giant Walmart Stores is urging its meat, dairy, seafood and egg suppliers to cut back on the use of antibiotics in their livestock, making it the first multiple...

China beef processor launches online store

One of China’s most ambitious beef processing and distribution firms has said it is setting up its own online store, which will eventually become China’s largest online retailer of beef...

New beef labelling laws to be introduced in US

New rules governing the labelling of mechanically tenderised beef are to be introduced in the US. Consumers and foodservice businesses will now be given more information about how to safely...

Concerns raised over cloned foods in Denmark

Denmark’s Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (MFAF/Ministeriet for Fødevarer, Landbrug og Fiskeri) is investigating whether meat (and dairy) products sourced from the offspring of cloned farm animals have found...

US reports show decreasing antimicrobial resistance in meat

The National Chicken Council (NCC) has said it was pleased with the findings of two US Food and Drug Administration reports, which showed mostly decreasing antimicrobial resistance.

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