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Food safety is a matter of extreme importance for the meat industry, and government regulation and legislation play a huge role in that. Stay up to date with the latest trends with

Customs Union faces trade dispute following poultry ban

17-Apr-2014 - The Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia looks to be on the brink of a serious trade dispute after Kazakhstan banned the import of poultry from Russia and Belarus.

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Move away from gestation crates could improve Canadian pork’s image

17-Apr-2014 - The Canadian pork industry could have stood to lose CA$1.7bn annually, over the next 15 years, had the decision not been made to move away from the use of gestation crates, animal welfare group Humane Society International (HSI) Canada has claimed.

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Date set to finalise US poultry inspection rule

17-Apr-2014 - The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has said it intends to finalise the proposed Modernization of Poultry Slaughter Inspection rule by the end of the calendar year.

New round of DNA tests confirmed for EU beef, following horse meat scandal

15-Apr-2014 - European beef products are set to undergo a new round of DNA tests, to check for horsemeat contamination, following a request from the European Commission.

EU funds project to fight meat fraud

11-Apr-2014 - The British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) has welcomed the launch of a €12m EU research project to combat meat retail fraud, following last year’s horsemeat scandal.

Russia discovers excessive lead in sausages from the US

11-Apr-2014 - Two shipments of sausages from the US with levels of lead that were "excessive and even dangerous to consumer health" have been discovered by Russian veterinary experts.

Pig virus forces up US pork prices

08-Apr-2014 - The deadly hog virus, porcine epidemic diarrhea (PEDV), is forcing the price of pork up and could boost imports into Japan, despite the Japanese recently imposing temporary restrictions on US imports.

Russia extends pork ban for Poland and Lithuania

08-Apr-2014 - As of yesterday (Monday 7 April) Russia has effectively extended its African Swine Fever (ASF)-justified ban to include processed pork meat products from Poland and Lithuania, two Polish members of the European Parliament (MEP) have revealed.

US-based racial harmony organisation calls on Denmark to withdraw non-stun slaughter ban

03-Apr-2014 - US-based non-profit organisation Foundation for Ethical Understanding (FFEU) has called on the Danish government to reverse its decision to ban non-stun slaughter.

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EU to tighten traded game health controls

03-Apr-2014 - European Union (EU) rules for handling large wild game and the post-mortem inspection of wild game are likely to be tightened up, to close potential weaknesses of controls in cross-border deliveries.

US meat industry loses Country of Origin Labelling appeal

02-Apr-2014 - US meat companies have lost their bid to suspend new country of origin labelling (COOL) legislation coming into force.

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EFSA publishes scientific opinion on cold storage temperatures

02-Apr-2014 - "Meat can be transported at temperatures higher than the current maximum of 7°C," according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Spanish government ignores recommendations to double taxes on meat products

01-Apr-2014 - The Spanish meat industry has said it is relieved by its government’s decision to ignore recommendations to double its sales tax (value added tax – VAT) on meat products, but the meat sector is still unsure how an upcoming tax reform will affect it.

Proposals for new regulation on organic farming published by EC

01-Apr-2014 - The European Commission (EC) has published proposals for a new regulation on organic production and labelling, in a bid to address shortcomings in the current system and encourage sustained development of the sector.

Dutch Safety Board report finds deficiencies in meat supply chain

31-Mar-2014 - The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) has published a damning report on ‘Risks in the meat supply chain’, claiming the industry has "numerous deficiencies" when it comes to food hygiene.

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EFSA says use of peroxyacetic acid would not cause toxicity concerns

31-Mar-2014 - The European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA’s) scientific panel has suggested that using solutions containing peroxyacetic acid (PAA) to reduce contamination from pathogens on poultry carcases and meat would not pose toxicity concerns.

Netherlands sees another bird flu outbreak

31-Mar-2014 - Veterinary services in the Netherlands are investigating a fresh outbreak of the H5N2 strain of avian flu, affecting poultry this month.

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Swedish investigation to focus on hybrid buffalo-beef mislabelling

28-Mar-2014 - A preliminary investigation by Livsmedelsverket, Sweden’s food safety authority, has established that between 25 to 30 tonnes (t) of fillet beef mixed with buffalo meat may have been sold, or marketed for sale as imported Italian beef.

Most EU countries not convinced of meat ingredients origin labelling

27-Mar-2014 - Many European Union (EU) countries are unsure whether imposing mandatory labelling requirements for the country of origin of meat used as ingredient in processed food products would bring benefits that justify the costs, a meeting of EU agriculture ministers in Brussels yesterday (24 March) revealed.

Authorities release report on cattle mistreatment in Egypt

21-Mar-2014 - A joint review of slaughter practices, by the Australian and Egyptian governments has found that an abattoir in Ain Sokhna, Egypt, did not confirm to international standards for animal welfare.

EU member states pass new swine fever controls

20-Mar-2014 - European Union (EU) member states yesterday (19 March) approved detailed restrictions on the handling of pigs and pigmeat in the border areas of Poland and Lithuania to try and prevent the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF).

EFSA evaluates findings on ASF mitigation measures

19-Mar-2014 - The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has ruled out hunting or trapping as effective measures to prevent the introduction or spread of African swine fever (ASF) through wild boar.

Russia set to expand ban on European meat imports

19-Mar-2014 - Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor plans to reduce the number of cold storages in European Union (EU) countries approved to export meat products to Russia, according to Vasily Lavrovskiy, head of Rosselkhoznadzor’s department on international cooperation and the WTO.

Meat withdrawn from sale in Romania after links to criminal activity

14-Mar-2014 - The trading of 229 tonnes of meat has been halted in Romania, after it was found the products were either adulterated or had already exceeded the use-by date.

High pathogenic H5N1 outbreak discovered in Libya

13-Mar-2014 - A small outbreak of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) variant H5N1 has been discovered in Tubruq, Libya.


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