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Food safety is a matter of extreme importance for the meat industry, and government regulation and legislation play a huge role in that. Stay up to date with the latest trends with

Ranchers concerns avoided as states block water management legislation

A federal court ruling in North Dakota will partially block the implementation of the controversial  ‘Waters of the United States’ rule, which had been due to become law today.

US meat firm suspends operations after food poisoning scare

Kapowsin Meats has suspended operations after the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said it hadn’t done enough to tackle sanitary problems leading to the discovery of Salmonella in some of...

Kraft Heinz issues major turkey product recall

A multi-million dollar food recall affecting 938,000kg of Oscar Meyer turkey bacon products has been issued by Kraft Heinz Foods Company in the US after consumers became ill. ...

Doubts raised over the safety of conventional ground beef

Ground beef produced from conventionally raised cattle is twice as likely to contain superbugs as sustainable beef, according to US product testing and research organisation Consumer Reports.

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Nigerian customs seize smuggled poultry

Frozen poultry has been one of the main products seized in a crackdown by Nigeria’s customs officials against smugglers.

Meat industry benefits from new packaging innovation

American-based Sealed Air Corporation has created multi-layer coextruded bags, designed to improve food safety in the fresh red meat and smoked and processed meat industry.  

Nyanga slaughter site in the works

The sight of meat traders slaughtering animals in the street may soon come to an end in the Cape Town district of Nyanga, South Africa, after city officials and the...

Chinese authorities seek to reassure beef consumers after anthrax outbreak

Authorities in one of China’s key meat processing regions are seeking to reassure consumers it is safe to eat beef after an outbreak of anthrax in the local herd.

FDA warns against salmonella and campylobacter

Salmonella and campylobacter are the leading bacterial causes of foodborne illness, said the latest US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report called the 2012-2013 National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS)....

Bangladesh grows quarantine system to fight trans-boundary disease

Bangladesh will expand quarantine facilities to an international airport and six land crossings to boost defences against the spread of trans-boundary animal diseases, protecting the health of livestock and its...

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Hong Kong bans poultry from Vietnam

Hong Kong has banned imports of poultry meat and products (including poultry eggs) from two provinces in Vietnam, following an outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza.

Organic meat demand soars in China

Demand for organic-certified meat is reaching fever pitch in China, with local firms battling for sales to consumers still worried about food safety, and a high-profile spat between two meat...

Experts meet to battle livestock diseases

Experts from more than 90 countries have met in Paris to discuss how to minimise the threat of infectious animal diseases escaping from laboratories.

US meat industry prepares for antibiotics controls

US meat businesses are preparing for antibiotics measures set to be implemented by the end of December 2016 by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). 

Animal welfare ruling: impact on US meat industry

US animal rights organisations have claimed a victory as so-called ‘ag-gag’ laws have been ruled unconstitutional by a judge. 

Canada rejects US origin label plans

Canada has rejected plans for the US to introduce voluntary labelling legislation calling it a “short-sighted” proposal. 

Auchan responds to Russia food fraud case

Hypermarket chain Auchan is cracking down on counterfeit meat after Russian food regulator Rosselkhoznadzor claimed it had sold minced beef and pork and kebabs with traces of unlabelled meats.

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Indonesia recognises UK Halal Food Authority certification

Halal Food Authority (HFA), the UK halal certification body, now has global reach after it received recognition from Indonesia. 

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Putin cracks down on banned Western food imports

Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed an executive order to destroy all imports of food brought into the country against the import bans from the West. 

USDA warns of Salmonella linked to pigs

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued a food safety alert for Salmonella that may be associated with whole pigs used as pig roasts.

Call to overhaul Australia's meat systems

Australia’s meat quality, safety and integrity systems need overhauling, according to the managing director of the Meat and Livestock Australia Richard Norton. 

China names suppliers of drug-tainted meat

WalMart and Tesco are among retailers named by China’s food safety watchdog as inadvertent suppliers of drug-tainted meat in a spot check of products for detected animal medication residues beyond...

US battles poultry sickness rivalling bird flu

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is “actively working” to improve prevention of Marek’s Disease, a virus which causes tumours and death in poultry. 

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Brussels protest planned to highlight farmers' struggles

A Brussels’ demonstration supporting pig and beef producers is planned for 7 September by European farming group Copa-Cogega, coinciding with an extraordinary meeting of EU agriculture ministers. 

Federal funds help rebuild US poultry stocks

Poultry and egg producers are rebuilding stocks hard hit by avian influenza with the help of $700 million in federal assistance, according to a report in US newspaper Cedar Rapids Gazette.

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