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Food safety is a matter of extreme importance for the meat industry, and government regulation and legislation play a huge role in that. Stay up to date with the latest trends with

Massive anthrax outbreak wounds Russia’s venison sector

An outbreak of anthrax has killed 1,500 northern deer in Russia and, with the figure set to rise, fears over exports of venison have begun to surface.

Meat smuggling undermines livestock trade in Southeast Asia

The common market launched on 1 January by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has so far failed to promote a sustainable increase in legitimate intra-ASEAN meat and livestock...

Thousands of chickens killed in Iraq bird flu virus

More than half a million birds have died thanks to a highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza strain that has torn through Baghdad and Wasit in Iraq. 

Miratorg wins lawsuit against indebted Pobeda

A subsidiary of Russian meat packer Miratorg, LLC Bryansk Meat Company, has won a legal challenge against poultry supplier Pobeda, which allegedly owed the company millions in missed payments.

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India’s chicken market nervous over US imports

Senior figures in the Indian poultry industry are pushing the government to impose sky-high taxes on US chicken imports.

PETA's ‘absurd’ sin tax on meat blasted

The Animal Agriculture Alliance has slammed a stunt from PETA in which animal rights campaigners dressed up as nuns on stilts preaching for a sin tax on meat. 

Bird flu virus cuts through central Africa

Nations across west and central Africa are on high alert as the highly pathogenic avian influenza strain H5N1 tears through the region with devastating effect. 

Kerala’s ‘fat tax’ could shrink meat sales in India

Meat sales in the southern Indian state of Kerala are expected to fall after the imposition of a 14.5% ‘fat tax’ on western-style fast-food items.

FAO passes salmonella rule to create global meat standards

New guidelines have been adopted for the control of non-typhoidal salmonella in beef and pork at the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Putin cuts VAT on breeding cattle and poultry in Russia

Russian president Vladimir Putin is to abolish the 10% VAT rate on breeding cattle and poultry, as well as breeding material, until January 2021.

Anthrax-tainted meat linked to multiple deaths

Two people have died and seven have been hospitalised after eating meat contaminated with anthrax in Kazakhstan, according to the country’s National Economy Ministry.

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Food safety body weighs in on meat spoilage

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has updated its advice on meat spoilage during storage and transport, following a request from the European Commission.

EU eases red tape surrounding TSE livestock diseases

EU ministers have eased controls on livestock production within the EU that are designed to restrict the spread of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs), such as BSE.

Scientists find defence for deadly pathogen

Academics at the University of Nevada in the US have reduced salmonella in meat products by up to 90% after research into new pathogen prevention systems. 

Canada poised to allow beef irradiation

Canadian health officials will consider the pros and cons of allowing the sale of ground beef exposed to radiation to go ahead. 

Meat industry faces Brexit pressure

The UK meat industry is grappling with fears over what Britain's Brexit vote means as uncertainty prevails in the wake of the vote to leave the EU.

Coalition defends undercover filming in meat farms

A bloc of animal and civil rights’ groups has challenged Idaho’s ‘unconstitutional’ ag-gag laws on undercover factory farm filming at the US Court of Appeals.

Meat firm fined €16,000 for fake beef labelling

Ireland's Keelaghan Wholesale Meats has been fined €16,000 for falsely declaring beef imported from Poland, Lithuania and Germany was of Irish origin. 

Endocrine disruptor standards could damage livestock feed

The European Commission’s release of scientific criteria to identify endocrine disrupting (hormone-changing) chemicals in pesticides and biocides could impact livestock feed supply, warns Copa-Cogeca.

Latest EU protected meat names revealed

The European Commission has protected four more meat traditional products from Croatia, France, and Spain by adding them to the EU’s list of protected ‘geographical indications’.

EU urged to think differently on hormone disruptors

Farming body Copa-Cogeca has questioned the European Commission’s draft law on defining hormone disruptors, suggesting a risk-based approach would be better.

NY business recalls Polish meat

New York business Asian Jade Customs Brokerage has recalled 762 pounds (lb) of dried pork sausages under Poland's well-known Sokolow brand imported from the country without being properly inspected.

Europe pushes for action on unfair trading practices

EU rules preventing producers' exploitation by retailers and wholesalers must be introduced, a European Parliament resolution has urged.

EU states sweat on Japanese beef trade approval

Seven EU member states are eagerly awaiting approval from Japan to increase its imports of European beef, following its recent restoration of trade with Italy.

Hong Kong freezes poultry trade over bird flu fear

Hong Kong has suspended live poultry imports to control the spread of a serious bird flu outbreak after samples from Tuen Mun tested positive for the H7N9 strain.

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