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NBA beefs up support

The UK's National Beef Association has supported a Defra move to impose movement restrictions on herds with overdue TB tests.

US stands firm on sanctions

Last week, reported that EU compliance with a WTO ruling on growth hormones would most likely lead to the US lifting its economic sanctions on the bloc.

UK to know their meat

Prime Minister Tony Blair has commended the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) for leading an initiative to give people more choice and information about the origin of their meat when...

Czeching for BSE

Vets in the Czech Republic believe that they may have uncovered the country's sixth suspected case of BSE, or mad cow disease. If confirmed, the case could cause untold damage...

EU complies with WTO ruling

A new EU directive concerning the prohibition of hormones in the meat industry came into force 14 October 2003.

FMD strikes Argentina

The Argentinian veterinary authority has enlarged the area under restriction to prevent a further spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).

EU to compensate

The European Commission has decided to pay an advance of €1.25 million to Belgium farmers for losses they occurred due to avian influenza outbreaks in the first half of 2003.

Belgium ends BSE herd slaughter

Belgian government officials said that the country will cease the eradication of entire herds in the case of new outbreaks of mad cow disease on farms, but slaughter cows selectively.

BIE to combat BSE

A coalition of five leading agricultural data service companies announced yesterday plans to create the beef industry's first data exchange standards to increase operational efficiency.

Tackling food safety in enlarged EU

An industry-backed event focusing on three major industries including meat is taking place this week.

New BSE case reported in Japan

Japan's health ministry claims it may have found another case of mad cow disease in a 23-month-old bullock slaughtered last month, bringing the total number of cases in Japan to...

Arkansas: Pork products recalled

Arkansas-based meat processor Berry Packing has recalled about 4,500 pounds of sausage and ham because of possible contamination with the illness-causing bacteria listeria.

Buffalo Grill's CJD case continues

Four executives of a French steakhouse chain are still to face charges of endangering lives this week despite a court ruling that cleared them of the involuntary manslaughter of two...

USDA criticise e-coli recall

The US agriculture department's investigation into last year's ConAgra Foods meat recall has heavily criticised both the plant and the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

New chicks on the block

The United States agriculture department (USDA)is planning to revise the country's poultry label rules. There is a possibility that this will bring about price rises.

Cut diseases, cut costs

European Commissioner David Byrne welcomed the Agriculture Council's decision this week on new rules to cut the incidence of foodborne diseases in the European Union.

Poultry proposals

The USDA food safety and inspection service is proposing to amend the official poultry class standards of identity to more accurately describe poultry sold in the marketplace today.

EU millions for Dutch farmers

Good news for Dutch farmers. The European Commission has announced its intention to pay €10 million in compensation following the damages caused by the avian influenza epidemic earlier this year.

Tests re-assessed

Scientists in the UK believe that test results, which sparked fears that BSE might have spread spread to British sheep, are important but not conclusive.

EU approves Thai food safety

Europe recognised the role of Thailand in south-east Asia and its role in advocating improved food safety at a meeting in Brussels last week.

E.coli drop in ground beef

A drive in the US to reduce the foodborne disease E.coli could be paying off with fresh data from the department of agriculture (USDA)...

Setting standards

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has released information aimed at advising farmers on best food safety practices.

Schröder: resume talks

Following the failure of the World Trade Organisation Ministerial Conference in Cancún, Mexico, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder issued an appeal to all parties concerned to resume talks as soon as...

Cloud lifts over California

There are no longer any areas in the United States that are quarantined because of exotic Newcastle disease (END), a serious disease of poultry and other birds.

Newcastle found in Denmark

An outbreak of Newcastle disease, a highly contagious poultry virus, has been reported in Denmark.

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