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Packaging firm Krehalon wraps up new shrink film line

Oscar Rousseau

By Oscar Rousseau+

Last updated on 25-Aug-2017 at 12:30 GMT2017-08-25T12:30:57Z

Krehalon hopeful its new packaging will be a 'game-changer' for the meat industry
Krehalon hopeful its new packaging will be a 'game-changer' for the meat industry

Netherlands-based food packaging supplier Krehalon has rolled out a line of shrink films it has promised will “reinvent” fresh meat packaging.

Krehalon’s so-called secondary seal products, trading as SSL, are high-barrier, high-shrink films using sealant polymer to fuse inner layers of material together.

The effect is a step-change in meat packaging presentation over standard shrink bags with a cosmetic enhancement that can be achieved without needing to invest in new machinery, according to Krehalon.

This new type of plastic shrink wrap has not gone unnoticed in the wider meat industry either.


We are excited and extremely pleased to see the level of interest from fresh meat packers in SSL, not only [from] the larger global meat producers but also the supermarkets,” said Steven Hinchly, sales and marketing director, Krehalon Europe.
We believe this product will be the game-changer in fresh meat packing that the industry has been looking for.

The product has been designed to enhance shrink bag replacement (SBR) applications – a key area of Krehalon’s work. Combining SSL and SBR in a production process could reduce costs by minimising material waste and pack leakages, according to the company.

In fact, some of Krehalon’s customers combining SSL and SBR have been able to improve product shelf life by reducing the amount of blood in shrink-wrapped meat. In some cases, blood has been totally removed, resulting in fewer consumer complaints about odour in vacuum-packaged meat, according to Krehalon.

This has led to clients from Australia, Europe, South America and Russia expressing an interest in testing SSL on fresh meat products and the company said it had already secured “many key customer accounts” due to the trials already under way.

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Paul Jenkins, managing director, the PackHub
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How SSL Technology works

Dear Edith,

Krehalon patented SSL technology creates a total seal across the surface of materials. There are 4 components that generate effective SSL: pressure, temperature, time and contamination.
Effective SSL, can be achieved through the normal packing processes of fresh meat:
1. Pressure – through the vacuum process in vacuum packers.
2. Temperature- passing packed meat products through hot water shrink systems.
3. Time – Water immersion in hot water longer than 1.5 seconds, gives enough time for shrinkage and effective SSL
4. Contamination - reducing contamination when loading meat into bags improves the secondary seal activation.
This technology has already shown significant benefits to the fresh meat industry.
Hope this answers your question.

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Posted by Steve Hinchly, Sales & Marketing Director, Krehalon b.v.
30 August 2017 | 16h402017-08-30T16:40:32Z

new shrink film line news 25 08 2017

Congratulations for the new film !
If I understood right, the sealing inner layers will stick and avoid blood, is that right ?
If we have that effect, how and when will shrinkage of the bag occur ?

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Posted by Edith Schur Faiwichow
28 August 2017 | 15h042017-08-28T15:04:16Z

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