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Guest article

Looking back to look forwards

Although the New Year has come and gone, there is still the opportunity to both look back and forwards to see what has happened in the past 12 months and...

News in brief

US agency takes steps on livestock pollution

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced it is developing a new project to reduce pollution from the livestock sector.

Danish meat firm prepares to tap China organic market

Friland A/S, Denmark’s largest specialist organic meats producer, plans to adopt a market entry strategy of “thinking big but starting small” in China, following the company gaining an important foothold...

India’s buffalo traders expand China market via Vietnam

Indian buffalo meat exports to Vietnam have doubled in volume and tripled in value within a year as Chinese traders use the south-east Asian country for channelling their meat trade...

MEPs to consider extending origin labelling to sheep, pigs and goats

MEPs will next week consider a proposal from the European Parliament’s influential environment committee calling for stricter European labelling rules for chilled, fresh and frozen meat from goats, sheep and...

News in brief

Dutch take swift action on horsemeat discovery

Dutch food bosses have put out an alert after the discovery of horsemeat in a slaughterhouse prompted a block on shipments from the business.

Australian pig farmers on the path to sow stall-free pork

Meat industry association Australian Pork Limited (APL) has told that Australian piggeries are well on the way to an almost total elimination of sow gestation stalls by 2017. It...

New Zealand adds genetic funding for sheep and beef

The New Zealand meat industry has welcomed news of a NZ$15m boost into the country’s sheep and beef genetic research work.

US organisations oppose new Farm Bill

US livestock organisations and food associations fear that new country-of-origin labelling (COOL) rules, set out in the Farm Bill, could provoke retaliation from Canada and Mexico and are strongly opposed...

News in brief

North American meat body gains new director

The North American Meat Association (NAMA) has announced the appointment of Norm Robertson to the role of associate executive director of regulatory issues.

Latvian association says 90% of sold beef origin is unknown

As much as 90% of the beef sold in Latvia’s stores and markets comes from unknown sources or is smuggled, according to Rihards Valtenbergs, head of the Latvian Cattle Breeders...

Latvia to lose smoked meat processing capacity

A number of Latvian meat processors may close their businesses this year, due to the fact they will not be able to meet the EU’s new requirements on the quality...

News in brief

UK environment group points to global meat challenge

Environmental campaigners have launched a new publication, which they claim illustrates the challenges of growing global meat consumption.

Meat growth promoters decrease life expectancy, argue Russians

Consumption of meat containing growth promoters, such as ractopamine, can lead to functional disturbances in the human body and cardiovascular disease, according to the results of a recent study from...

Insulation and feed changes could lower livestock GHG emissions, MEPs told

The insulation of heated livestock buildings and replacing soya with rapeseed in animal feed are some of the measures livestock farmers can use to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a...

Costa Rica eyes Japan opportunity

Costa Rica’s pork sector has welcomed Japan’s declaration that the central American country is free of Classical Swine Fever (CSF), opening the doors to its pigmeat exporters to tap into...

News in brief

New meat preservation system on show

The latest developments in meat preservation from Corbion Purac will be available to visitors to the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta this week (28-30 January).

New regulations set to hit small-scale meat production in Russia

New technical regulations, set to be implemented in the Customs Union, will prevent the production and processing of meat on small farms for subsequent sale on the market. Due to...

EU increases crackdown on pig stall flouters

The European Commission has increased legal pressure on Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, France, Slovenia and Finland to ban individual pregnant sow stalls, claiming they have flouted European Union (EU) law by...

China beef firm posts strong performance

One of China’s leading beef producers and processors has reported very strong results for 2013. Fucheng Wu Feng – also known by its listed name, Fortune Ng Fung Food –...

News in brief

Foster Farms reopens its Livingston plant

US poultry processing plant Foster Farms has once again opened its Livingston facility, following its recent cockroach incident.

Bumper year predicted for Australian live cattle exports

Australia’s live cattle exports posted strong growth in 2013, with an 18% year-on-year increase in the 10 months from January to October. According to figures from Meat and Livestock Australia...

Price slump hits Chinese pig farmers

A slump in prices means China’s pig farmers are having a lousy run-up to the upcoming Chinese New Year festival. Industry experts have blamed the price slump on a combination...

Dismay at Danish Crown Faaborg plant closure

Danish Crown’s (DC) decision to shut down its DC and Tulip meat processing plants in Faaborg followed a late-hour, but unsuccessful intervention by the city’s mayor, Christian Thygesen, who has...

2013 prices cheer Spanish beef and pork producers

Spanish meat producers secured increasingly healthy prices in 2013 as the country crept out of recession in the second half, figures from its Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment...

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