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News in brief

US agri-bodies urge inclusion of Japan in TPP

A coalition of US food and agricultural organisations has written to President Obama urging him to push for the inclusion of Japan in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.

Brazil aims for FMD-free status by 2014

Brazil will be internationally recognised as a foot-and-mouth disease free country next year, the country’s Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) has claimed.

Canada reveals biosecurity standards for goats

Canada has released a new National Biosecurity Standards to help goat farmers minimise and control the risk of disease.

Scotland’s meat bodies call for more export support

Scottish meat leaders are calling on the UK authorities to increase financial support in aid of export opportunities.

Caution over Russian pork investment

Russian food manufacturer Miratorg, which had planned to construct 10 large pig farms in the Kursk region of central Russia, has said it could be forced to stop building, due...

Russia considers EU chilled meat ban

Russia has announced it will ban imports of chilled meat from Spain and the Netherlands due, in its opinion, to a lack of proper veterinary control in these countries.

News in brief

Swedish body tests for pig DNA contaminants

The Swedish National Food Agency (NFA) has announced that it has started testing meat products for undeclared pig DNA as part of its efforts to combat fraud in the food...

Schmallenberg arrives in Scotland

Scottish authorities have confirmed that they now have evidence that the Schmallenberg Virus (SBV) is circulating in Scotland.

Improved tenderness in US beef

US beef has a better eating quality than it did 10 years ago, according to a new study published in the Journal of Animal Science.

Brazilian supermarket body makes rainforest pledge

A group representing Brazilian supermarkets has pledged to reject meat from cattle raised in the Amazon rainforest.

News in brief

Brazilian poultry plants cleared for exports to Russia

Two poultry meat exporters in the Brazilian state of Paraná have been approved for export to Russia.

Atria reports net sales rise

Finnish food company Atria has announced a net sales increase to €1,343.6m in its trade report for 2012.

Concern over proposed Australian welfare standards

Australian animal welfare campaigners have warned that the latest draft of the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for sheep and cattle will do little to protect the welfare of...

More investment needed in India's processed meat sector

Hygiene, quality and food safety will drive the sale of processed meat and poultry in India, but significant investment is required before these standards are achieved, an international conference on...

News in brief

OIE warns of anthrax outbreak in Benin cattle

The Benin government has imposed cattle movement controls after reporting an outbreak of anthrax amongst cows in the north-west corner of the west African country, near the Togo border.

Canadian meat bodies welcome Budget proposals

Canada’s meat industry has welcomed government proposals laid out in the Federal Budget 2013, claiming they will help improve the competitiveness of Canadian meat and livestock on the global market.

Animal welfare failings at Australian port

A review into operations at one of Australia’s main live export ports has found a number of failings that could compromise animal welfare.

Horsemeat found in Greek chicken nuggets

Greek food safety authorities have announced they have found horse DNA in more frozen meat products, including chicken nuggets.

News in brief

Bird flu outbreak in Dutch province

An outbreak of low pathogenic avian influenza has been reported on a poultry farm in the Flevoland Province of the Netherlands.

Russia considers Spanish meat imports ban

Russia is considering a ban on meat imports from 614 companies in Spain that were previously approved as suppliers under the guarantees of Spanish veterinary services, Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor...

Australian farmers seek Japan FTA resolution

Australian farmers have called on their government to finalise an Australian-Japan free-trade agreement (FTA) before Japan joins the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.

Australian turkey plant in welfare investigation

Australian police are investigating a Sydney poultry processing plant after activists released footage which allegedly showed workers at the plant mistreating turkeys.

News in brief

Horsemeat found in Finnish kebabs

Horse DNA has been found in kebab products sold by a Finnish meat processor Karelian Lihajaloste Oy, according to local press reports.

Record exports for Australian beef and veal

Australian beef and veal exports achieved record-breaking figures in 2012, despite reduced shipments to Japan and South Korea.

Russia to restrict meat imports from Canada and Mexico

Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has warned that it might soon update the list of possible meat suppliers from Mexico and Canada, excluding all companies that could possibly export meat with...

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