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IFFA 2016

Marel says V-Pump win vindicates innovation strategy

Equipment manufacturer Marel said winning an innovation award at IFFA has vindicated its strategy to focus on the development of advanced machinery.

Myanmar’s fast-food industry attracts US attention as sanctions ease

US fast-food firms could flood into Myanmar after the easing of US-imposed sanctions to improve bilateral trade and allow more financial transactions to take place.

HKScan to use ethical soy

HKScan is committed to using responsibly sourced soybeans, a key ingredient used in animal feed, to halt the deforestation of South America.

News in brief

Work needed to improve Australia's beef pricing

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has recognised that more work needs to be done to improve price transparency in the beef sector. 

Hot dog merchandising effectiveness measured

Analytics company Quri has launched a project to measure the success of performance driven merchandising for 14 food items, including hot dogs, across 1,000 Walmart and Target stores in the US. 

Halal labelling expected to grow

The prevalence of halal labelling is expected to grow by a quarter between now and 2020, according to market research firm Euromonitor International. 

Russia’s meat industry worried by oversupply

Russia could face major meat oversupply problems if it continues to increase meat production by current rates, according to experts.

Poland’s Tarczyński launches expanded meat processing plant, increases sales

Polish meat processor Tarczyński SA has launched a new facility in Ujeździec Mały, in Poland’s southern part, working at full capacity, and has reported increased sales revenues for the first...

IFFA cements place as leading meat trade show

Organisers of Germany’s triennial meat processing machinery trade show IFFA have long claimed it is the “number one for the meat industry” and, on reflection, it’s hard to argue with...

EU toughens policy on livestock breeding

The EU Council of Ministers has adopted streamlined breeding rules for livestock in the eurozone, while clarifying the rights and duties of EU breeders and the recognition process for breeding...

Cargill and JFC deal creates 1,000 jobs

Agricultural trader Cargill has entered into a joint-venture with Philippine fast food chain Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) to build a poultry factory, leading to 1,000 new jobs. 

Pricing fear prompts beef transparency changes

A system for recording the wholesale price of beef will be developed by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), following a probe into price transparency by the country’s competition watchdog.

US body calls for raw chicken laws

Mandatory labelling for raw and stuffed poultry is urgently needed to stop consumers becoming sick and confused, the National Chicken Council (NCC) warned the US government.

Eastern Europe continues ASF struggle

African swine fever (ASF) continues to spread into new territories in Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia, threatening the stability of the pig industry in these countries, according to reports from...

Danish Crown ‘under pressure’ as profits fall

Danish Crown’s profits declined in the first six months of the 2015-16 financial year due to an “extremely competitive” retail market. 

IFFA 2016

GEA and Red Arrow scoop innovation award

Machinery manufactures GEA and Red Arrow have jointly won a Fleischerei Technik (Meat Technology) award for their smokeless meat smoking machin

TPP will toughen US beef industry and bolster trade with Japan

The ambitious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal will help US beef producers be more competitive in the global meat industry, an influential study has suggested.

China calls for lower meat consumption

Chinese people need to eat less red meat, a leading Chinese government health agency has recommended in a landmark review of the country’s eating habits.

Bosch boosted by double-digit growth

Bosch Packaging Technology has hailed “remarkable” sales growth in a stagnant North American market, where trade increased by nearly a fifth in full-year results for 2015.

Europe admits ‘limited progress’ with Russia

The European Commission has confirmed that it has made little headway in talks with Russia to restore pork trade, after being accused of “not doing enough” by a prominent body.

IFFA: new-look GEA unveils meat former

Engineering corporation GEA launched its MaxiFormer machine at IFFA which has a 1,000mm rotary drum that can quickly and precisely form meat products, such as chicken nuggets.

News in brief

Sydney fire: meat factory burns to the ground

A fire at a meat processing plant in Banksmeadow, Sydney, has been extinguished after burning for two days straight, causing thousands of dollars in damages.

China to pump $100m into Russian rabbit complex

JSC International Rabbit Company and China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Co are to join forces to build Russia’s largest rabbit meat complex. 

EU-Chile deal signals new style of organic food trade

The EU has chiselled a template for international organic food trade with its agreement with Chile - a deal that could boost bilateral meat sales. 

Burgers are a ‘good source’ of nutrients

The majority of Americans think burgers are nutritious, but Generation Y (or Millennials) demands healthier options for consumers - and animals.

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