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McDonald's faces criticism after animal welfare video

Tyson Foods has shunned a Tennessee farm producing chicken for McDonald’s McNuggets after an animal rights group posted gruesome footage online depicting birds being clubbed and stabbed with a spiked...

US meat firm suspends operations after food poisoning scare

Kapowsin Meats has suspended operations after the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said it hadn’t done enough to tackle sanitary problems leading to the discovery of Salmonella in some of...

Russia targets venison production

Major investment in Russian venison production is being made in Kamchatka Oblast by local venture Revival of Reindeer Breeding Development.

Massachusetts groups unite against intensive farming

Animal rights groups in Massachusetts are joining forces to campaign for a state-wide vote to ban several intensive farming practices.

US studies reveal mince contamination and mislabelling

Two years after the UK meat industry was rocked by the discovery of horsemeat in dozens of beef products, a new study in the US has discovered the widespread contamination...

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Go-ahead for South African merger

The competition commission in South Africa has given the green light to a proposed merger between Rhodes Food Group and Deemster.

Ukraine eyes meat export growth in Middle East, Asia

Ukraine expects to double poultry meat exports by 2018 and boost export growth for other meats off the back of increased trade with the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Brazil: food export value falls despite meat volume growth

Brazil's meat export volume growth is failing to offset declines in general food exports, in line with its depreciating currency.

Beef farmers contest 'vague' water management law

Cattlemen are hotly contesting a rule that will give the US Environmental Protection Agency authority over all waterways in the US is set to come into effect on August 28.

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Australian meat firm signs plant deal with Thai processor

Adelaide-based meat manufacturer Thomas Foods has signed an agreement with Thai processor Charoen Pokphand Group that is expected to result in the construction of a new processing plant in South...

Zambeef wins praise in Zambia’s Central Province

Zambeef Products has been commended by Zambia’s Central Province minister Davies Chisopa for its contribution to employment and work with local farmers.

Bird flu takes its toll on US poultry processor

Sales and profits at poultry processing company Sanderson Farms in the US have been hit, as the aftershocks of the bird flu outbreak continue to be felt. 

Kraft Heinz issues major turkey product recall

A multi-million dollar food recall affecting 938,000kg of Oscar Meyer turkey bacon products has been issued by Kraft Heinz Foods Company in the US after consumers became ill. ...

Promising future for Australian beef

Strong international demand, a depreciating dollar and trade agreements are all contributing to a bright future for the Australian beef industry.

Romanian meat firms eye €25m to expand output capacity

Romania-based companies Agricover and Degaro have unveiled investments totalling €25m with the aim of acquiring new facilities and expanding their existing capacities.

China and India predicted for grocery growth

The Chinese grocery market is set to grow 33% between now and 2020.

Doubts raised over the safety of conventional ground beef

Ground beef produced from conventionally raised cattle is twice as likely to contain superbugs as sustainable beef, according to US product testing and research organisation Consumer Reports.

Poland, Baltics seek more cash for swine fever battle

The Baltic States and Poland are seeking more cash from the European Commission (EC) to help fight African swine fever (ASF), according to Kaspars Funts, a representative of Latvia’s Ministry of Agriculture....

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Iowa lifts bird flu quarantine areas

Traffic in Iowa around farms affected by bird flu can once again move freely, after the state agriculture secretary lifted all remaining movement bans in the quarantine areas set up...

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Nigerian customs seize smuggled poultry

Frozen poultry has been one of the main products seized in a crackdown by Nigeria’s customs officials against smugglers.

Meat industry benefits from new packaging innovation

American-based Sealed Air Corporation has created multi-layer coextruded bags, designed to improve food safety in the fresh red meat and smoked and processed meat industry.  

Australia launches enquiry into unlabelled halal meat

Australians are eating halal and kosher meat without knowing it, a senate inquiry has been told. 

Australian retailer fined for mislabelling bacon

Australian firm Conroy’s has been fined $10,200 after it was accused by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to have mislabelled Danish bacon as Australian.

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French pigmeat market struggles on

The French national pigmeat market resumed auctions on Tuesday without the two leading processors who are still boycotting the wholesale market.

Nyanga slaughter site in the works

The sight of meat traders slaughtering animals in the street may soon come to an end in the Cape Town district of Nyanga, South Africa, after city officials and the...

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