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Russia completes kosher poultry deal with Israel

Russia’s veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has officially approved exports of products from Israel’s poultry farms to Russia after four years of negotiations.

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Meat firms in China and Australia strike $46m deal

China’s Shandong Delisi Food will invest CNY300m ($46m) with Australia’s Yolarno Pty to develop a meat processing site in a deal both parties feel is a “win-win” scenario....

France hit by first bird flu outbreak in eight years

Agriculture ministers in France are on high alert after the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu strain was discovered on a family-run farm in Dordogne. 

Cut meat consumption to battle global warming, warn experts

People need to alter their dietary habits on a global level in order to battle global warming, experts have warned.

Russia bans Turkey's poultry over downed plane

Russia’s veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has stopped the import of several batches of poultry meat from Turkey, weighing a total of 162 tonnes (t), claiming that the products were found to...

Denmark close to lucrative Chinese pork deal

Danish heat-treated pork product exporters say they are tantalisingly close to selling into China, seven years after Bejing greenlighted these exports in principle.

Maple Leaf Foods cuts 400 jobs

Canadian food processor Maple Leaf Foods has announced it will cut 400 jobs, with most of those to come into effect before Christmas.

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Indonesia delays WTO hearing on Brazilian chicken

Indonesia has used procedural tactics to delay the establishment of a World Trade Organisation (WTO) disputes settlement panel hearing on Brazilian claims that the south-east Asian country has  illegally blocked...

Danish Crown pays £28.4m extra to pig farmers

Danish Crown – Europe’s largest pork producer – has paid its owners DKK300m (£28.4m) more than it did in 2014 citing “strong financial results”. 

China drives growth of EU pork exports

Exports of pork in Europe reached the second-highest level on record thanks to a growing appetite for pork in China, new data from AHDB Pork has revealed.

MHP aims to boost poultry exports by 25% in 2016

 Ukrainian poultry producer MHP plans to increase export sales of poultry meat by 25-30%, or 35,000–40,000 tonnes (t) in 2016, according to a report from the company’s CFO Victoria Kapelyushnaya. ...

Tyson Foods - ready ‘since spring’ for bird flu

Tyson Foods has said it has been preparing for another outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) “since the spring”. 

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Costco in E.coli chicken salad scare

Rotisserie chicken salad with E.coli traces has caused the illness of 19 people across seven US states, health officials in Washington have claimed.

China plans cloning factory

China is set to produce an extra one million cows a year… and they will all be clones.

US poultry will handle new virus ‘better’

American poultry firms are now better equipped to deal with an outbreak of avian influenza (AI), thanks to improved biosecurity measures, risk management firm Moody says.

Meat tax favoured by public, report finds

Global appetite for meat could be in danger as many consumers believe a tax on beef, chicken and poultry is a sure-fire way to reduce climate change.

Syria civil war hits livestock hard

As Syria’s conflict continues, its livestock sector weakens. Now facing a fifth year of civil war, livestock levels are down on even on 2014’s paltry levels, with the sector facing...

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Linden Foods brings new premium brand to international markets

Northern Irish meat processor Linden Foods has launched a new premium brand, Turf & Clover, exclusively for international markets.

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New Zealand farmers enjoy price rise

The prices received by New Zealand farmers for sheep, beef cattle, and grain farming rose 10% in the September 2015 quarter.

Syria crisis hits Jordanian meat market

The demand for meat in Jordan has been weakened by the conflict in its troubled neighbour Syria, with the Jordanian economy slowing down due to regional instability, impacting consumer purchasing...

ASF concern strikes Finland

Pig producers in Finland fear the spread of African swine fever (ASF) from Eastern Europe to the Scandinavian peninsula, according to a report by the European office of environmental protection...

Calls for culls of boar and deer EU

A senior meat industry official has backed calls for the sustainable culling of wild boar and red deer in Europe, made at a meeting of the European Union (EU) Council...

Australia blocks farmland sale to foreign investors

The sale of Australia’s largest cattle property portfolio by S Kidman & Co to a foreign investor has been blocked by Australia’s Treasurer - finance minister Scott Morrison.

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US Congress urged to approve TPP

A group of former US agriculture secretaries have issued an open letter urging Congress to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

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Australia bans foreign investment on farm’s land sale

The Australian Government has said it will block the sale of the Kidman Land Farm to foreign investors.

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