Expo debates need for GM product

By Ed Bedington

- Last updated on GMT

Genetic modification has to be part of the solution in tackling sustainable food production, an academic has told a conference of meat producers.

Professor Greg Thoma, from the University of Arkansas’ Centre for Agriculture and Rural Sustainability, said attitudes needed to change: “There’s a very clear need to use GM product. I hope there’s a general shifting away from the negative connotations of GM food, it really must be part of the solution.”

However, fellow speaker at the Sustainability Summit at the International Production and Processing Expo, Bryan Weech was more cautious. The livestock director with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) told delegates: “From a WWF point of view it’s a tricky question. Our stance is that there should be a cautious and appropriate application of technology. We recognise it as an important part of the solution, but how that’s applied and what technology falls into the solution is still up for debate.”

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