All news articles for April 2013

Innovation at IFFA

Purac looks to extend shelf-life

By Nicholas Robinson

Meat preservation company Purac will be showcasing its new range of label-friendly ingredients at IFFA this year.

A hive of activity

IFFA anticipates strong international audience

By Nicholas Robinson

German exhibition IFFA is expecting 960 exhibitors from 47 countries, who will be showcasing their innovations to the international meat trade and professional public in Frankfurt.

Poor weather is hitting UK lamb crops

Poor weather hits UK lamb levels

By Ed Bedington

UK lamb slaughterings are likely to be around 7% lower in the coming 2013/14 season, due to adverse weather conditions hitting production hard, forecasters have warned.

Rift Valley Fever can lead to demands for livestock culls

EU warned over Rift Valley Fever

By Keith Nuthall

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has advised the European Union (EU) to launch a series of studies to help assess the risk of Rift Valley Fever being introduced to livestock and humans in north Africa and the Middle East, potentially threatening...

Irradiation can help reduce bacterial growth in meat processing

Canadian beef body seeks irradiation approval

By Carina Perkins

Canada’s beef industry is renewing its push for the approval of irradiation in meat processing plants, which it claims could help reduce foodborne illness from ground beef.

Schmallenberg continues to spread in Europe

Ukraine eases EU cattle ban

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Ukraine has partly lifted restrictions on imports of cattle and small ruminants from Europe, while Russia and Belarus have tightened restrictions over Schmallenberg virus fears.

Bird flu H7N9 in China

Chinese Premier urges caution on bird flu

By Carina Perkins

China’s Premier has called for vigilance against the outbreak of H7N9 bird flu spreading across the country, as authorities and experts point to poultry markets as the most likely source.

Ukraine pork market set to grow 70% by 2020

Ukraine pork market set to grow 70% by 2020

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Ukraine’s pork market volume is forecast to grow rapidly in the years ahead, following a rise in consumption levels, according to industry participants.