All news articles for December 2013

Meat processing: Vion

Vion: turning a corner

By Ed Bedington

The decision by Vion to exit its processing operations throughout the UK sent shockwaves throughout the industry. A year on from that announcement, and with the dust finally starting to settle from the company’s dramatic retreat, Ed Bedington took a trip...

Meat labelling in the EU

New EU labelling rules could disrupt trade, says industry

By Carmen Paun, in Brussels

New national origin labelling rules for pork, sheep, goat and poultry meat made in the European Union (EU) could reduce the trade in meat products between the 28 EU countries, EU senior meat industry figures have warned.

Russia considers ban on beef imports from Australia

Russia considers ban on beef imports from Australia

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russia is considering the possibility of implementing a total ban on beef imports from Australia after recent lab tests on the meat revealed the presence of ractopamine and trenbolone, the use of which is strictly forbidden by the country’s veterinary...

FAO calls for policy shift on diseases

FAO calls for comprehensive global policy shift

By Keith Nuthall

The United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has called for a comprehensive and global response from governments to limit the potential of the world’s growing meat and livestock sector to spread disease to human consumers.

European bosses are proposing ban on animal cloning

EU moves to prohibit cloning

By Ed Bedington

European bosses are proposing a ban on animal cloning across the union as well as a ban on the food from animal clones.