All news articles for March 2014

Cherkiziovo set to become country's largest poultry producer

Cherkizovo Group acquires LISKO Broiler company

By Georgi Gyton

Russian meat and fodder producer Cherkizovo Group has acquired poultry producer LISKO Broiler for approximately RUB5bn ($140m), in what has been touted as a significant event in the Russian meat industry.

JBS sees profits rocket

JBS announces profit jump in 2013

By Georgi Gyton

Global meat company JBS has revealed net profits increased by 28.9% to BRL926.9m ($403.75m) in its full-year results for 2013.

Russian government plans development program for Crimean meat

Russia set to develop meat production in Crimea

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

The Russian government has prepared a preliminary development program for the recently annexed Crimean peninsula, which provides that the priority sectors for investment would be tourism, wine and meat production.

Would the benefits justify the costs?

Most EU countries not convinced of meat ingredients origin labelling

By Carmen Paun, in Brussels

Many European Union (EU) countries are unsure whether imposing mandatory labelling requirements for the country of origin of meat used as ingredient in processed food products would bring benefits that justify the costs, a meeting of EU agriculture ministers...