All news articles for August 2014

Russia has been in discussions with one of Switzerland's largest meat producers

Russia starts to woo Swiss for meat exports

By Alan Osborn

Russian meat importers have started soliciting meat from Switzerland as its ban on European Union (EU) food imports looks set to stay in place for months.

The Ukrainian firm is increasing its poultry exports to the EU to 12,000 tonnes this year

MHP increases export of poultry meat to the EU

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Ukrainian poultry firm MHP is rapidly increasing the volume of poultry it supplies to markets in the European Union (EU), according to company representatives.

The investment company is to $400m into the Chinese poultry firm

Global investor takes share of Chinese poultry player

By Georgi Gyton

KKR & Co, a global investment firm, has come to a definitive agreement with Chinese poultry producer Fujian Sunner Development Co, to invest around $400m in the business, in return for an 18% stake.

The number of sheep in Syria is down by 30% compared to pre-conflict levels

Syrian livestock sector feels the effects of conflict

By Paul Cochrane, in Beirut

The livestock sector in Syria has been seriously impacted by the country’s ongoing civil war, with poultry production down by over half compared to pre-conflict levels, cattle herds by 40%, and the number of sheep down by 30%. Meanwhile, veterinary services...

Industry experts say Argentina will not be able to rapidly boost supply volumes to Russia

Argentina to double meat exports to Russia

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Argentina will be able to double its supply of meat to the Russian market from about 15,000t in 2013 to almost 30,000t in 2015, taking advantage of the trade restrictions on food imports recently imposed by Russia against the European Union (EU), the...

Canadian beef producers have full access to the Jamaican market for the first time since 2003

Canada secures Jamaican beef deal

By Georgi Gyton

Jamaica has approved all imports of beef from Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada revealed yesterday.

Among the outlets closed is Russia's flagship restaurant in Pushkin Square

Russia starts closing McDonald’s restaurants

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russian sanitary inspection service Rospotrebnadzor has closed four McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow and has initiated inspections in other restaurants across the country in the next stage of the continuing conflict between the Russian authorities and...

The project will initially target pork production

Alliance formed in Germany on animal welfare

By Georgi Gyton

The food industry in Germany has formed an alliance to tackle ongoing criticism about animal husbandry, with the meat industry, farmers and retailers all keen to see stricter animal welfare standards enforced.