Mumbai bans meat

By Chloe Ryan

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Mumbai, where officials have imposed a four-day ban on the slaughter and sale of meat
Mumbai, where officials have imposed a four-day ban on the slaughter and sale of meat

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Mumbai has banned slaughter and the sale of meat, following a demand from the strictly vegetarian Jain community, sparking outrage among meat-eaters already upset by a permanent beef ban imposed this year.

Ban opponents created the Twitter hashtag #banistan, which is trending along with #meatban, urging people to "eat and let eat"​.

Members of the tiny, but financially powerful, Jain community will observe a religious fast for eight days from Friday. Officials said they demanded the ban as their religion prescribes non-violence to all living beings.

The ban in Mumbai would be imposed on four non-consecutive days from today (September 10), said Kaleem Pathan, deputy general manager of the city's Deonar abattoir. It covers the slaughter of buffaloes, goats and hogs, but excludes fish and poultry.

It is not unusual for authorities to impose meat-free days and ban alcohol on India's national days, but the latest strictures angered many who said religious groups should not impose their preferences on an entire city.

Annual event

Last year a similar three day ban was imposed in Mumbai at the instigation of Jain groups. Members of the governing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) want this ban to become an annual event, with member Manoj Kotak telling Indian media earlier this year he had met Mumbai officials and had asked the civic commissioner “that from next year onwards, he shuts down slaughterhouses of his own accord”.

However, many oppose the ban. Writing on Twitter, Mohammed Ali Qureshi, president of industry body the Bombay Suburban Beef Dealers' Association, said: "Jains do not eat onions and garlic as well, so tomorrow is the government going to ban those items also?"

One judge involved in ruling on the case took to Facebook to cast doubt on the wisdom of the meat ban. Markandey Katju withheld judgement on the Rajasthan High Court's decision to quash the ban, a move which Mumbai authorities used to justify it.

'In two minds'

Writing on Facebook on 9 September, Markandey Katju said: “After reserving judgement in that case I was in two minds about what would be the correct judgement. After all India is a secular country and what one eats is one’s private affair.”

Katju went on to explain that an important consideration was the precedent set by other cities including Ahmedabad where similar bans have been in place for decades. But he then conceded he had “some doubts”​ over his decision.

India is home to 300 million cattle and is the world's largest beef exporter and fifth-biggest consumer.

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Posted by CAFO VIDEOS!,

I eat meat about 1-2 times a month, and only purchase pature raised grass-fed, or organic with the highest standard of animal welfare. When I consume meat I have awareness that the animal was sacrificed for my own health and well-being, therefore I will ONLY support the proper raising and feeding of the animal. I have gone months without because the animals could not be raised to my standard in the climate at the time locally. I live in the US, and am nowhere near the norm. Our society and the minds of the masses are being manipulated by the profit motive of the corporations all around us. We are destroying ourselves with uninformed manipulated "free choice"(as it's called). These corporations fund the news, the TV stations, the radio stations, the education system, the food fed to the children at school. The meals to inmates in jails and prisons. They fund the campaigns of officials at the FDA and USDA, they blatantly spend billions against our own rights. They now have illegally established that they have constitutional rights. It feels like nobody around me knows or cares about anything that matters, and cannot wait to give them more of their money. This includes veterans and military, who don't even know our founding fathers quotes, or what made us America in the first place. I see flags waving everywhere, but all I really see is facism and self-imposed slavery. Knowledge is power, and everyone around me looks down on knowlege, and loves to embrace ignorance. A true patriot would not join the military, or buy a Hummer, or eat Fast food. I believe if the minds of man were not enslaved en mass these CAFOs, GMOs, for profit news, Fossil derived transport,electricity,petrochemicals would not exist. Neither would poverty or homelessness, or billionaires,or war for profit. Industrial hemp(which doesn't even get you high) would be legal. We would have no taxes. When you bought chocolate you wouldn't have to look for a label to know slaves didn't harvest the cocoa. Our water wouldn't have to be treated with chemicals, we wouldn't need healthcare, and we wouldn't be on the edge of extinction from nuclear power/weapons and climate change. We don't have a democracy!

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Posted by Becky,

Good news! I am opposed to violence and i am with the Jain community on this one, animals are not the same as onions and garlic as one person has suggested, they are insividuals capable of suffering amd feeling pain and being scared, their life experiences are not the same as ours but that does not mean it is ok to kill them for the pleasure (and it is indeed that, just pleasure) of tasting their flesh, it is unjustifiable.

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Posted by debbie,

When humans cease to commit violence to animals and consume animals, the planet and all creatures will stand a chance of surviving and healing, and much peace. If humans do not stop this pathological behavior, no one will have a future, a planet to call home.
Time is critical.
Meat substitutes are the profitable waves of the future for those with sharp intuition, which is now. Now is the time to seize the opportunities and lead the world to peace, happiness, success.
Thank you for allowing me to comment.

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