All news articles for March 2016

Fortune Ng Fung Food has turned its attention to restaurants to drive its growth

Chinese beef firm refocuses priorities

By Mark Godfrey

Restaurants, rather than meat counters, are the road to profits for a major Chinese beef processor, which operates high-end outlets across Beijing.

Sir David Naish: reinvestment in Sweden delivered

Hilton Food Group buoyed by strong profits

By Aidan Fortune and Oscar Rousseau

Multinational meat packing business Hilton Food Group has reported strong profit growth for 2015, but analysts have questioned if the business can maintain results against the backdrop of Brexit.

At 1.5kg per person, beef consumption in Poland is considerably less than the EU average

Ireland’s ABP eyes Polish meat processor

By Jaroslaw Adamowski in Warsaw

Irish meat giant ABP Food Group has unveiled plans to acquire the assets of Polish beef processor Sklodowscy-Tykocin sp z o o.

Brazil has been predicted to be the leading beef exporter to China this year

Brazil to unlock US beef market

By Oscar Rousseau

Brazil is expected to export its first shipments of fresh beef to the US by mid-2016, despite the fact it has not yet secured access to the US market, according to a report from Rabobank.

From left: Diane Dodds MEP; Pim van Ballekom, vice president of the EIB;Tony O’Neill, Dunbia's deputy chief executive; Malcolm Keys pork producer

European Investment Bank visits growth-seeking Dunbia

By Oscar Rousseau

Officials from the European Investment Bank have visited Dunbia in Northern Ireland, with the meat producer keen to establish whether the EU bank can “support” the pork business in the future.

The certification means the X5 is validated to detect E.coli in raw meat

DuPont gains pathogenic testing approval

By Oscar Rousseau

DuPont’s Bax System X5 has won AFNOR certification meaning European companies and food safety officials  may be able to easily adopt the system to test for salmonella and E.coli. 

Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand all boosted exports of beef to China in 2015

Beef imports rise as China’s growth cools

By Oscar Rousseau

China’s official beef imports surged by more than 50% last year as a government crackdown on grey market meat bolstered formal trade figures, according to a new report.

The polyurethane Flowfresh range has achieved international HACCP certification

Flowcrete takes food safety floor message to Europe

By Oscar Rousseau

UK manufacturer of resin flooring, Flowcrete UK, will embark on a tour of Europe’s food and drink trade shows to highlight why good flooring is important to maintaining food safety and preventing contamination.

It's unclear if the outbreak of AI will result in poultry trade bans for South Korea

South Korea hit with bird flu outbreak

By Oscar Rousseau

Just one month after securing its bird flu-free status, South Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has confirmed bird flu has been detected near the country’s capital, Seoul. 

The French Ministry of Agriculture has said the case of BSE poses no risk to consumers

BSE-infected cow dies in France

By Oscar Rousseau

A cow with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) has died in France, making it the third detected case of the fatal virus in Europe since 2015, according to the French government.

Despite its economic slowdown, China is still the leading importer of EU pork

Denmark loses place as top EU pork exporter

By Oscar Rousseau

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. The Scandinavian state, once Europe’s top pork exporter, has been overtaken by Germany and Spain as the leading exporters of pork to non-EU markets.