All news articles for July 2016

Sales of processed meat in the Middle East and North Africa more than doubled

Meat processor BRF posts drop in profits

By Oscar Rousseau

Brazilian food processor BRF posted a near-quarter drop in pre-tax profits as the soaring price of corn dented pork and poultry operations.

Danish Crowns said sales with China and Japan are picking up pace

Danish Crown bemoans weak holiday demand

By Oscar Rousseau

Business is unusually slow for meat processor Danish Crown which claims sales of fresh meat are “very quiet” for one of the busiest times of the year. 

The business said it had not had a food safety issue in 16 years

E.coli sparks Ranch Foods Direct recall

By Oscar Rousseau

A US pasture-to-plate supplier of high-quality beef has been forced to issue a recall after the US government warned a batch of its ground beef may be contaminated with E. coli.

Iraq has a 'lack of commitment' to biosecurity, according to an FAO official in the Middle East

Iraq has ‘chronic’ bird flu problem

By Oscar Rousseau

Iraq’s inability to tackle the cause of bird flu means the deadly virus  is likely to spread across neighbouring countries, according to an expert on animal diseases.

British lamb could be back on the US menu by the start of 2017

UK and US edging closer to lamb trade deal

By Oscar Rousseau

UK politician George Eustice will announce today (27 July) that the Obama administration wants to relax import barriers on lamb, a move that could generate £35m for Britain’s economy.

Miratorg said defendants Pobeda were 'disinterested' in solving the outstanding debt issue

Miratorg wins lawsuit against indebted Pobeda

By Oscar Rousseau

A subsidiary of Russian meat packer Miratorg, LLC Bryansk Meat Company, has won a legal challenge against poultry supplier Pobeda, which allegedly owed the company millions in missed payments.

New Hope and AliCloud will mine online sales data to boost targeted ad revenue

Chinese meat giant enters the digital space

By Mark Godfrey

One of China’s largest agricultural and meat conglomerates has entered a deal with the country’s leading e-commerce and cloud computing company to get a digital edge on its rivals.