All news articles for October 2016

Trade show Cibus Tec welcomed 1,200 exhibitors showcasing food-processing technology

Thousands gather at Cibus Tec 2016

By Aaron McDonald

Italy is a country renowned for its food exports – something its people are incredibly passionate and proud about – and nowhere is that more prominent than in the region of Parma. 

Jean-Claude Juncker said CETA will bring 'new jobs and better jobs' for the EU and Canada

CETA: EU and Canada sign historic trade deal

By Oscar Rousseau

The European Union (EU) and Canada have signed a long-awaited free trade deal in Brussels, following weeks of increased opposition from Belgium’s French-speaking Wallonia region.

Ireland's ABP wants to promote shorthorn beef through retail and foodservice avenues

Sial Paris 2016

ABP Food Group backs Irish breeds

By Rod Addy

ABP Food Group aims to back Irish breeds in a project it flagged up at the Sial Paris trade show.

Brazil launched a major international trade promotion at Sial

Sial Paris 2016

Sial to deliver $840m in meat business for Brazil

By Rod Addy

Brazilian meat firms will net roughly $840m in contracts from trade show Sial Paris 2016, according to the Brazilian Trade & Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

Danish piglet exports are expected to break the 13m mark this year

Denmark braced for record-breaking piglet exports

By Oscar Rousseau

Denmark may hit a record 13 million (m) piglet exports when 2016 draws to an end, according to Frank Oland, chief economist at the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, who spoke at the Herning Congress in Denmark on 25 October.

Halal meat in Russia is expected to grow at a rate of 15-20% per year

Russia sees steady rise in halal meat products

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Over the next decade Russia’s halal meat market will grow at an average rate of 15-20% per year, opening up global opportunities for the country’s food industry and reaching a value of RUB600-RUB700 billion (US$1–1.1bn) by 2026, according to a study by...

A leading food scientist has warned against the use of antibiotics

Warning of trade bans on growth promoter-tainted meat

By Keith Nuthall

A senior scientist has warned an international trade conference on antimicrobial resistance that rich countries will increasingly ban imports of meat from livestock fed with antibiotic growth promoters.