Ishida to unveil new X-ray models at Paris trade show

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Ishida's new AirScan system will also be on display at Paris-based trade show All4Pack
Ishida's new AirScan system will also be on display at Paris-based trade show All4Pack
Japanese machinery manufacturer Ishida will unveil its new XI foreign matter detection systems at the Paris trade show All4Pack, running from 14-17 November.

The company said its brand new X-ray inspection range promises to “raise the bar​” in both performance and usability optimisation – essentially, it’s easier to use and completes tasks faster.

The Japanese manufacturer will unveil two new models in its line of X-ray systems at the All4Pack trade show: the IX-GN-4044 and the IX-G2-4027.
The former is able to detected pieces of stainless steel, rubber, glass, stone, plastic and shell as small as 0.3 millimetres in diameter. The machine also includes an in-built air conditioning unit.

Recall risk minimised

The IX-G2-4027 specialises in bone detection – ideal for meat producers. It uses two different electromagnetic rays to produce two separate images of the scanned product. The two images are duly compared to help detect low-density objects like tiny bone fragments, or glass or stone in value-added meat products.

Ishida’s new IX series X-ray range raises the bar in performance and usability, offering customers easy maintenance and stress-free operation, and a robust fail-safe system that prevents a contaminated product reaching the consumer in the event of a power outage or breakdown, thereby minimising the potential for costly recalls,​” the company said in a statement.

Ishida will also display its robotgrader – an automated line that combines weighing and pick and place technology to grade items of different weights and place them into a fixed-weight pack.

These packs then travel down the automated line to be sealed by Ishida’s tray sealer before undergoing leak detection checks in the company’s new AirScan model – a system that uses laser technology to detect leaks in modified atmosphere packaging.

Ishida claims this robotic line reduces the need for staff to handle the process. It can produce up to 50 fixed-weight trays per minute.

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