Packaging initiative aims to enhance meat freshness

By Aaron McDonald

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The Quali Meat Project will look to develop packaging solutions to improve the freshness of meat products
The Quali Meat Project will look to develop packaging solutions to improve the freshness of meat products
A three-year project, involving Bavaria and Austria, to design packaging to keep meat fresher for longer and increase consumer safety has received the backing of Multivac. 

The Quali Meat Project is a three-stage program under the leadership of Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), which involves five project partners from science and packaging backgrounds researching the relationship between packaging materials and the packaged product.

Stage one of the initiative will see the researchers looking into a variety of packaging materials, covering conventional solutions as well as sustainable and resource-saving raw materials, and then categorising these in terms of mechanical properties, barrier function and pack integrity.

The second stage will investigate the interaction between the materials and meat products. This will be achieved by assessing the colour, texture, bacteria count and fats. This process will give the researchers an insight into the effect of the packaging materials on the shelf-life of the food and an understanding into which films are best at keeping the meat fresh.

The third and final phase will then clarify how the findings can be used in practice. It is at this stage where Multivac will deliver its expertise in packaging machines and the packaging procedure as a whole. Sample product runs will be carried out, including the manufacture of suitable machine dies, in its corporate Training & Innovation Center at its Wolfertschwenden headquarters in Germany. ]

Multivac’s consideration of the ecological and resource-saving criteria when packing fresh meat and food is an important part of its work ethos – something that is shared with the partners in the Quali Meat Project, it said. “We are also fully committed, in this important project, to developing new methods for quality control and to creating expert knowledge within the organisation, so that we can achieve greater technical networking between academic institutions and partner companies,”​ said Stefan Scheibel, senior director of the Corporate Training & Innovation Center.

“The expansion of a network of experts in the meat sector will lead to a systematic, ongoing improvement in the packaging procedure for food, as well as increasing the added value for food products generally,”​ he added.

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