Australia exhibits 3D printed meat - in pictures

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Described by creators as a “meat ink​”, experts claim the 3D printed meat technology may one day become as common as barista-style coffee. But it’s not just a fad; industry insiders believe it could add genuine monetary value to secondary cuts and offal - animal products that companies often struggle to maximise financially.

The machine was unveiled at the 3D Food Printing Conference Asia-Pacific, held in Melbourne. It was built by Dutch company byFlow. Using a liquefied mix of offal and mince, the machine printed what could be one of the earliest examples of edible 3D printed meat.

At the event, MLA’s corporate chef Sam Burke even cooked some of the 3D printed meat​ for food-lovers to try.

While the technology is unlikely to compete with traditional meat production any time soon, it does offer an attractive alternative for meat companies struggling to maximise by-product. It may also offer elderly people the chance to enjoy a wider array of foods, as red meat is highly nutritious and probably tastes better than pureed food, according to MLA.

Click through our gallery for a trio of pictures from the 3D printed meat​ launch.

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How is this innovative?

Posted by Jared,

We've been "3D printing" meat for thousands of years. They're called sausages and hot dogs! How is this micro extrusion "printing"? How is this bologna purée "ink"? Who's falling for this marketing crap?
I'm 100% for lab-grown meat. But 100% against this particular blind alley...

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Can we process our food any further?

Posted by Tracy,

Oh my gosh! Shouldn't we be eating real unprocessed foods instead of playing with foods and processing them further? Where is good health in all this madness? Why not use time honoured methods of using the entire beast if eating meat instead of processing further? Jet ink meat put through printer sounds disgusting.

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Posted by Laurel,

so the poor aged and infirm are going to get the meat usually reserved for petfood?
value huge profit for former scraps by a fairly cheap machine?
offal and water etc preservatives much?
kidney liver brains heart dont taste like muscle meats either so what else is going to be added?
"flavours" like macwhatsits psuedoburgers get?
normal cuts of meat cooked slow n properly would be far more acceptable and affordable for the aged!
and wtf once again Aus is falling for overseas hype when we have no shortage of decent real food beats me.

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