All news articles for July 2017

Pork production is climbing up across Europe, despite a slowdown in exports

EU pig production increases but farmgate prices remain steady

By Aaron McDonald

The number of pigs being produced within the European Union seasonally has been increasing. Citing data from the European Commission, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) forecasts that this will continue to rise towards the backend of the year. 

Igor Babayev is Cherkizovo Group's majority shareholder

Cherkizovo Group chairman consolidates company stake

By Eugene Vorotnikov

The chairman of Cherkizovo Group, one of Russia’s largest meat processors, will consolidate his stake in the company by buying 21.3% of its shares, currently owned by Prosperity Capital Management, one of Russia’s largest investment funds. 

The pig sector wants to assess how welfare can be improved at the point of slaughter


European pig sector to share intel on gas stunning

By Oscar Rousseau

Trade bodies backing the EU pig sector will start sharing information on gas stunning amid pressure from welfare activists who have long campaigned against the practice.

Sweeping changes to livestock production are often called for by animal activists

US pork council backs anti-state regulation act

By Aidan Fortune

The US pork industry has thrown its weight behind an act that would stop states from adopting laws and regulations that ban the sale of products from outside of that state.

Premium Porc is stretching out across Romania's pork sector

Premium Porc to invest in efficiency in Romania

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish-owned pig breeder Premium Porc is planning to invest with the aim of increasing its production efficiency and expanding sales in the Romanian market where it is based.

Australia and China are believed to have made some progress on restoring trade

Six Australian meat outfits hit by China ban

By Oscar Rousseau

China has temporarily suspended six Australian meat plants from exporting beef and lamb – and reports of a breakthrough in talks to resolve the issue have been dismissed. 

Tasters from the top cattle will determine a winner of the so-called Wagyu Olympics

Excitement builds for Japan's Wagyu Olympics

By Kathryn Wortley

Japan’s top cattle and meat producers are gearing up to compete in the country’s next ‘Wagyu Olympics’, the country’s premier beef cattle show, to be held in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, on 7–11 September.